Draw Back That Bow

I confess. I am a googly eyed romantic from way back….


Ribbons Buttons Bows and Cupid


Spreading Holiday Smut


An Oly Butt A Goody

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Tami Notes

I marveled at the tiny tender furrow that seemed the perfect response to her long wavy chestnut hair that spilled from her head across the pristine white pillow upon which it reposed.

Tami Notes

Tami was so tiny. Yet perfectly proportional. Her shapely legs in tight blue jeans stretched straight to the sky. My long arms reached down with ease and undid her. Luckily her panties followed her jeans quietly over my head and once relieved of them I found my eyes feasting on the perfect white triangle where her tan stopped and paradise began.



Magical Author. Magical Woman.

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Magical Night

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The People’s Book Awards

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Random Access Lynn : 2.Beer Rinse

Random Access Lynn: 2.Beer Rinse


Random Access Lynn: 1. Six Months Later



On the camping trip I listened to Don talk about a few pumps into Dorrette’s ass and cumming quick because her ass was so tight. He then demurred because we all worked together.

To late.

I marveled at his inappropriate sharing moment.

I kept my smile to myself because of the night I spent with her. More than a few pumps were expending in said and other orifices on our evening. It ended in her butt, slowly and sweetly spreading her sweet tight cheeks with lots of lube and still the friction sent her into such a frenzy that when she could take no more she did the most wonderful ass to mouth maneuver causing me to cum all over her brown curly crown. The pointed tip of her tongue touched my shit covered cock as she begged like a cur in heat for me to fuck her mouth. She pulled my collapsing cock from limp oblivion and it again stiffly fucked her throat and pussy all while Lynn watched from the barren bedroom of her passed out boyfriend.

I have fucked colleagues many times in the past.

But I know enough to dummy up around peer camp fires.

The internet is another matter…

A Gingers Red Glare

Leona Lights Up The Sky… Two Hundred and One Years Later

Fond memories of the past posted last 4th. Researching a real Blond bombshell this year.



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