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Gute Nacht Allerseits!

Cindy Surfaces

I found pleasure doing Cindy like a little doggy draped upon the well stuffed arm of my overstuffed divan. The access to her hind quarters given while she place her hands on the floor next to the sofa left her wide and wanton as I plumbed her depths and my hips slapped her hindquarters.

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Notes – Hot L Cindy in the House

After a few months of afternoon hotel, motel, and Cindy’s apartment bedroom finally the courts had moved the ex wife out. Now the kids were spending the weekend at the grandparents and Cindy and I had my house. No worries about next room’s occupants or Cindy’s adult  daughter coming home from work early. The moan that was instigated by Cindy’s swirling tongue and suckling mouth all over my prick found it’s way through my core and issued forth from my throat echoing across the barren wasteland of post industrial Northwest Indiana. One last look down at her bespectacled hazel eyes as her mouth did it’s magic had me spurting and spewing forceful down her moist and welcoming mouth. Only a few dripplets escaped as her cheeks puffed out to absorb the silky stream.

With a catty smile and a gulp my female Felix the Cat visage licked her lips and pronounced, “Well now.”

No other exposition was required.

My knees gave out and I dropped before her. Now I was face to face with those large hazel eyes. I gently pulled her feline face towards me and explored her victorious mouth, her tongue probed mine to return me as seasoning which still lingered there. Our tongues cajoled, our passions revived  I lifted her primly knee placed skirt and surveyed that sweet landing stripped real estate. No more Felix the Cat comparisons applied under her skirt. Neither did any panties.

No other exposition required.

As Cindy lay back on my ex marital divan I parted her divine thighs, placed my hands on her righteous rump, and her perfect pussy rose up to meet my eager and worshiping tongue as I lasciviously lapped at her lugubrious labia.

My exposition got away from me there.

Now it was Cindy’s turn to allow her caterwauling to echo thru the hallways of my ex marital domicile.

Phoning it in

Notes – Cindy

My Hoosier house was on the Hoosier market and I was getting out of Hoosierville. When Cindy showed up at my door I realized she was of the type I wouldn’t have given another look at. Oh what I have missed.

She looked like Felix the cat. Big glasses eyes, sly face, and her big magic sack in tow. We spent the whole weekend on my huge four poster ex-marital bed doing do’s that had never been done on on that mattress.

When she arrived she entered, dropped her magic bag on the stairs that led to the bedroom, and installed herself on the divan. Smoothing her skirt out over her knees in a proper fashion she said,”So.”

I stood before her as she looked up at me with hazel eyes behind Felix glasses with her sly feline face inches before my growing trouser tent. She smiled.

I gave her my best Cheshire grin knowing what I knew. As she set my zipper on a downward path the commando within sprang up and presented himself to the tip of her nose.

Her lips parted in an oval ohh and I took the plunge . I savored the feel, sights, and sound’s as my cock was engulfed in her Felix face.

To Motion Reflected

I had him right where I wanted him.

I gazed at myself in my vanities mirror.

It was good.

His cock buried deep in me. My hips are thin but his are thinner so my knees spread comfortably on either side with my feet greeting his elbows. My little butt rested between his hip bones and my clit perched perfectly on his balls. Good indeed.

I had him so deep that I could not tell if that momentary discomforting twinge was made by fabled cervix contact or if it was a function of that knob his prick proudly sported. Still it was time to savor.

I looked at my breasts in my vanities mirror and I saw why men I rode could not take their eyes off them. Of course he will only see my ass. Ha!

Oh dear….

Still my waist slimmed a bit in it’s sublime softness till hips filled out to be fantastically female. He is getting the view I never have. I gave my hips a little swivel stirring his cock and balls and received an appreciative exhale and thickening dick as a reward.

His thumbs found one of those special spots on the sole of each foot that sent a wave up my core and tingled my nipples. I don’t know if he knew. He is full of surprises. From there his caresses moved luxuriously up my calves. The effects of his serendipitous shiatsu moment had my motor running, but I could not tell if any more would have made me cry, scream, or cum. I was glad his handy and horny caresses had moved to my thighs and beyond. But my core was warming up and I was doing the slow nether roll on his privates causing my girls to slow dance in my candle lit reflection.

I was driving this train. I was the conductor, engineer, and fire woman. He had lit this flame and I was stoking it up for a full speed ahead cross cuntry trip.

Let’s see if he can take the heat.

His hands found their way to the top of my thighs, round my bumm. Then he ever so gently coaxes me forward with a nudge to the small of my back. I lean forward just enough for his fingers to snake around my seeping lips and folds which have unfolded around him. When his fingers find their way along my furrow to my clit he now has full access to my fiery hopper of luv.

There it is again .



Have fucked my brain into silly thought land again as I shiver that special shiver.

Time to ride.

I began bouncing and grinding and thumping and humping and tweaking up down and sideways all over his delicious rail. Me, the woman who often crosses my arms in a futile attempt to conceal my full round and gorgeous tits, now on full furious fucking display in my vanities mirror. My arms raised above my head as my breasts bounced and boobs flounce about in the steaming boudoir air. I luxuriated in the view and the feel of his cock as I rode up the down fiery pole, greased and flowing as his fingers still did their magic all around my pussy; pulling and stretching my outer realms as his cock undid the slippery silk of my inner arena.

I bounced too high, he lost his place in the fingering fugue. He slipped out. I rode down the top of his rail as I fell to glorious orgasm. When knob met nubbin I blew. He blew too. Shot the distance. He came all over my vanities mirror.

On impulse I captured some cum in my palm before he covered my reflection.

I watched myself smear some on my tits in my vanities mirror.

There I was.

There I am.

Spent, panting, and satiated.

In my vanities mirror.


Phoning It In

Reflections Two

I am not a tall woman.

My legs are too short.

My boobs are too big.

My ass is too small.

I am a too soft woman.

But now as I feel his lips trace kisses along my glistening back and neck I know I am perfect.

As his tongue traces my short shorn too black hair line I regret not being blonde. I know he favors blondes. But it is not a blonde whose snatch has mingled with his passion tonight. He is still above and behind my collapsed torso. But his weight is not crushing. It is poised above covering me with tender kisses.

He hoists me up so I am facing my vanities mirror on my knees. His silhouette outlines me from behind. I feel his balls resting pleased with themselves just above my too small ass.  His cock still enticingly hard and moist pointing upward, pressed into my too soft back. I watch and feel his hands glide over my too big breasts and hold them in his two large virile hands like trophies bestowed at an awards show. His eyes tell me I am perfect.

As one of his hands gently caresses and holds my left breast, as on a pedestal, his finger teasing my too flat nipple; I feel remorse as his right hand leaves my right tit unattended and traverses my too soft tummy. I rejoice as his hand finds it’s way between my too short legs to the spot glistening in dewy post glory. When his finger tip grazes my too pronounced clit, I feel the electric charge jolt extra wattage up my cottage to my belly button setting my nether world aflame.

He is speaking softly to my ear. These are not whispered sweet nothings. These are filthy everythings. Everything he wants to do to me. Everything I need done to me. He should know he needs not ask anymore. But I adore the way he does. In Technicolor detail.

He lies back on my bed.

I am alone in my vanities mirror again.

I back up.

I rise up.

As I slowly slide down and consume rigid pole in my silky cunt I see in my vanities mirror that this is perfect.

Phoning It In

Reflecting On His Toes

Here he is again.

I answered and allowed another 2am ministration.

No subterfuge of a date or dinner.

Just this.

I guess I should feel like an afterthought. But I feel his tongue assail my now flowing folds with sideways twitches and tender pooks into my depths. I relish relief from the dry empty feel of earlier that night as I tossed and turned in my barren bed.

That’s when he tosses me over on my belly and I rise up on all fours. Quivering arms and knees. No longer does he tease me with his tongue. His large smooth helmeted cock knob spreads me a little bit at a time, then slowly draws out pulling with salacious suction and vacuum formed seal enticing my silk lining to him. When he finally plunges into me my head raises to our reflection in my vanities mirror. My boobs hanging in their melony fullness, his face filled with desire as he fills his hands with them. His persistent prick pulses in my pussy augmenting the fullness I feel.

My cup runneth over

He begins to pull out and and from that angle the bottom of his knob skitters across my spot of G making my elbows shiver. I feel him rise up on his toes as he slowly withdraws. The pressure of his steely shaft running between my butt cheeks is delicious.The tension in his shaft as it bends to meet taint and ass while the head stays in me is palpable. I arch my buns heavenward to keep his helmet concealed in my tight clenching cunt. He teases my portal again with his swollen knob. When he does the high drop dive into me he hit my spot dead center. My arms buckled. I whimpered as is hands slid off my tits as they smushed into my mattress. My mirror view lost. The reflective lens of me getting fucked royally was replaced with my minds eye fireworks on sheets of my glissando O.


As he bounds from behind I take my solace that he will not leave my bed tonight.

Phoning It In

Cum Me To The Quick

“Looks like a pumpkin patch of delight.”

What did he just say?

“Feels like banana heaven.”

If his nipple tweaking fingers hadn’t had me near orgasm while he slid his dick vigorously between my tits I would have laughed. Instead the moan that started in my cunt, bounced of my breasts, and emitted from my throat was the most genuine reaction his last bit of verbal buffoonery could command.

Enough bunny beastie bouncing…

Oh, there I am doing it through the cum fog. I am distracted. I am rolling in sweet O again from his fingers, his cock, and now his mouth on my tits.

But then.

I open my eyes and he is there. Clear blue eyes peering deep into the brown depths of mine.

I raise my legs in salute and wrap them around his trim waist. My heels leverage into the small of his back while the tip of his incredibly firm erection introduces itself to the seeping slit between my thighs. His crown parts those seepy lips of mine stretching them from wider to gaping.

We look into each others eyes.

I feel his shaft as it glides in behind those clutching walls of my pussy. I feel his naked chest press my now tantalized tits still humming from his touch, as his weight presses me to the floor, his cock gains full purchase, and his balls now rest lovingly against my taint.

We look into each others eyes.

Our bunny hop starts slowly and then builds.

I am not a moaner.

I moan.

I am not a clawer.

I claw

We look into each others eyes.

I will always answer his calls now.

Each time

Every time.

We look into each others eyes.

Each O more shattering shivering crescendo. Like a third to a fifth to an octave over.

Again and again and again I cum.

I don’t always come. But when I do….

Still no more than ten steps from my front door.

Quick Control

I was pleasantly treated to the most responsive cock I have ever had in my mouth. Like the difference between manual and power steering. Of course I grabbed his hips just for good measure. After all he had called me from a bar at closing time to come here and do…. This?

Yet like a sports car I guided him with ease through his pace lap around my mouth and throat. A gentle suck would bring that beautiful shaft gliding down my tongue. When I pressed up with my tongue he would slow to a stop. When I could feel the head of him fill my throat, I would use an upward motion of my hands and tongue causing his lovely shaft to retreat upward. As I became more comfortable with the control I began to experiment with angles, rhythm, and depth change. As my comfort and control level rose, so did his tip fill my throat deeper and deeper until I almost had him devoured.

Almost. But enough that his sack rested nicely on my chin as he plunged the depths of my now foot free mouth. AS his glorious dick jack rabbited in and out of my mouth the fog of my previous cumming was clearing. The silky skin of his shaft and ball combo platter in and about my mouth was pleasing. But not orgasmisizing.

His cock was slick and shiny from my spittle, so I pushed him all the way out and gave his huge balls the licking they deserved for disturbing my slumbers. My tongue licked his shaft as his balls slid down my neck returning him to the perfect approach to a boob boinking bonanza.

My boobs.

His boink


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