November 7

Three days at work and no reaction from Tami. Just her usual diffident self.

I got in early the first day after the weekend and nosed around the shop. Nothing. Not a clue of anything out of the usual.

I suppose I could read something into the fact that Annie has not had any “special projects” during or after work hours, but even that could mean nothing. Annie runs hot and cold and never acknowledges anything until she calls me into her office, locks the door behind me, and sets the tone of whether she wants to take charge or if it is my turn to show her what I really want to “that big arsed tit-less girl friend of mine.” I suppose I could try to defend Rene, but I have found it more useful to channel that energy into fucking the hell out of Annie’s curvy full grown woman’s body. As Annie strips off my shirt she often comments how my muscles have grown while I sweat and furiously hump her rump spread out on her shop foreman’s desk.

But nothing so far this week. Work has just been loading and unloading trucks. Not even a run to the aide of our freelance commercial artists Ellen Joy’s studio.

Boy am I horny.

So when I got the call from Rene apologizing for not calling or seeing me since our drive in date my head spinning confusion set in full bore. To my disappointment Rene was buried in her studies at University so I would not see her until Friday, at the very earliest.

Now I am really horny and desperate.

So I showered and as drying off in front of the mirror I noticed improved my muscle tone, especially my arms and shoulders had filled out. No six pack but my stomach was flat and taut. As I admired myself like a Budgie in front of a mirror, there it was plain as day. That thin red line I had noticed where my cock’s shaft met my abdomen was now the width of two fingers. But most noticeably my dick was definitely longer.

I tried to tell myself that it was just because I hadn’t been laid in three days. Wait longer. I guess I had hallucinated or dreamed Rene’s Sunday night appearance. The memory of which made my cock rise to full attention, even pointing up to the constellations I was so excited. I had to say to myself. “Well that is longer and thicker without a doubt.”

I went to get a Playboy and chose the one with Liv Lindeland, my favorite for years and laid on my bed to try out my new expanding attraction. But with the first stroke I felt that sting again encircle shaft and below the sack, but I persisted and showing no restraint or thought of delay quickly spurted a thick and lumpy load of cum high into the air slathering myself and my covers alike. I did not even bother to clean up. Imagining I was just sleeping in the post fucking wet spot I went deep asleep.

There was Robin. She was the Mr. Fix-it at the shop. Robin was a very masculine average sized woman. Short cropped hair, broad shoulders, thin hips, no tits, with the most guy like walk I had ever seen on a woman. Robin could fix anything. I had watched closely as I handed her the tools she needed as she fixed machines quickly and creatively. We worked well together and I liked her a lot.Colleagues and though I did not find her particularly attractive I would sometime admire her small butt as she wrenched away on various machines. She on the other hand seemed to like me, but emanated not the slightest of sexual energy around me. I had my hands full at this place of business already, but being nineteen I would imagine what would be  willing try out the bedding of all sorts of women.

But the dream of a naked Robin above tugging and pulling on my cock, not in a stroking hand job kind of way, but in the manner I have seen her removing a heavy machine part woke me with a start and in a cold sweat. Upon the moment of waking I though I saw someone else lying on their stomach looking into my eyes. I think I recognize her. But as I came into this realm, she dissipated into the dream world along with Robin. But the sensation of Robin’s strong hands pulling on me lingered a bit longer while I wondered why Donna made her brief appearance in this latest “flashback” .


November 4

I planned to do nothing but get up to change channels on the TV and adjust the rabbit ears for better reception, Nothing beats NFL football on a chilly autumn Sunday.

No dreams, no regrets, just the fond memories of Rene’s blond hair spread over the black leather seats of the Bonneville.  Mouth open and grunting in unison with each thrust. My hands holding her glorious full round ass cheeks and spreading them wider with each thrust into her cunt. When my fingers slowly worked into her as well, spreading her flowing fount of sweet juice around that sweet stretched area between her pussy and her butt hole. She moaned her loud and rousing approval. When my index finger, slick from her started to gently prod her anus she looked up a bit surprised through glassy yet trusting eyes. As I gently worked my finger up her rear her initial alarm morphed smoothly into passion and she quickly came her glorious ass swallowing my finger all the way up to the second knuckle giving us both shattering climaxes. I lowered my self and ran my tongue over each of her taut erect nipples in turn which led to a heavy exhale of breath from beneath Rene’s small round breasts.  But when I stayed hard and continued pumping in to her gloriously cushioned quim bringing her to another and then one more soul withering spurting orgasm our joined rivers of lust formed a puddle on the now slick black leather automobile seats. She exhaled her pet name for me, “Oh Pooh” and drew me close to her lovely tits and I enjoyed each shake and shimmy of her full  five foot nine blond on blond frame.

The telephone rang. I went and answered it. It was Rene.

She said she was taking a break from her homework. She said she wanted to make sure I did not think she was angry. As she put it, “I really loved those thingy’s you were doing with your tongue, you know down there, and I mean, nobody has ever made me explode like that…..” Silence. I know, or at least suspected she had been with other guy’s as I assume she suspected I had been with other girls. But we really don’t admit it or openly flaunt it. Like I said . We don’t talk about sex much. I let it pass and Rene went on. ” I don’t know if that was something you read in Penthouse Forum or where you learned that stuff, But . Well. You know.  I;m just not sure. Like I said, well. I took a break and wanted to let you know well.  Can I come over latter tonight after I’m done with homework. This load of work from the University would bury me if I let it”

“Sure,” I agreed not sure exactly what her aim was. But I said I would see her then.

I had to smile at how she talked about things concerning sex. We were each others first time and have been together a couple years now. But this past summer considering my dealing with Annie, the shop foreman, I had learned that women can be quit direct and crude in their language.  Or at least when dealing with younger subordinates on the job. Annie had “special projects” for me after business hours. Those were usually concerts of her instructions and ejaculations with her legs spread, her feet on her desk with me under her “lick that pussy, fucky me fuck me you dirty boy, Now, stick your tongue up my ass fuckfuckfuckfuck. pinch my nipples now. Faster harder Faster harder, I am not a bleedin’ porcelain doll.” Annie was not shy about what she wanted. Her obscenity concerts always ending with her taking a bow so she could “lick myself off that lovely prick Dearie and taste that luscious seed of your.”

Annie was not from around here. She was from Cardiff.

Later last night there was a knock on my door. Rene entered , closed the door behind her, took my hand and led me into the bedroom. Fortuitously I was only wearing a robe which Rene dispatched

with almost as much haste as she dispatched her own clothing. She pushed me back on the bed unceremoniously. I was incredibly hard and she gave my cock an approving glance and then slowly slipped her fiery wet snatch over the head of my cock and began bucking her hips hard and fast till the room filled with the sound of one butt clapping. My god her snatch was on fire. She had never felt this hot before. I reached up and for just a moment I thought her breasts seemed a little bigger and the nipples not as pronounced and pookey. Just as we came in a fiery gush of jizz and quim I had a brief flash of Annie throwing open the shop doors at work, looking like Elvira of TV Land fame saying. “There you two are. I thought you would never get here.” Silhouetting her incredibly curvy black sheer garment clad frame was the candle lit workshop from my Halloween phantasm.

Through the flaming sticky froth spewing forth from my twitching cock into Rene’s boiling twat I watched her rise. Through blurred eyes I watched as she dressed and left the room. Momentarily I though I caught a glimpse of Tasha exiting my room instead.

Was that a tail trailing behind?

Out like I light I went.

November 3

The phone rang and woke me up. It was Tami chattering away about the good time she had at the concert Halloween night, how her friends liked me, loved the Bonneville. Said it was like a party on wheels. “Two couches with a V-8”  I believe the phrase was. Said we have to go to a concert again sometime. No mention of the after concert .

I said I had tried to call her yesterday but got no reply. Tami just kept chattering on about the concert. I began saying something about when we got back to pick up her car and Tami busted in saying, “Oh, that was cute how you waited for me to start my car and make sure I left that parking lot safe. My Protector! That lot always creeps me out . It is so dark back there and I worry who might be lurking. That was soooooo sweeeet of you.”

I was speechless, my mouth was dry, I barely got the words out as I stammered, “I guess I got a little higher than I had thought at the concert.”

“Oh nonsense, you were fine. Gotta go, Shopping with Tasha this afternoon. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our evening together. Let’s do it again. Byyyyeee!”

I heard the phone click and just held the receiver to my ear without moving and let the silence soak in.

Tasha, the late twenty something new sales rep at work. A force of nature. Flowing skirts or tight jeans depending on her leads for the day. Always nice to us shipping grunts. She knows how to expedite things through a shipping department headed by a randy nineteen year old and his minions.

Annie either loves her or hates her.I have not gotten a handle on their relationship yet. But Tasha and Tami formed a friendship almost immediately.

I’ll leave office politics for another time. The second thought provoking event of the day was to come.

The drive-in with Rene.

Rene and I had shared the path of sexual awakening together. From kissing, to making out, to full body city park wrestling. We traveled from light, heavy, intense, to full tilt petting. Threw ourselves into the oral, but does it count as having sex, sex explorations until our final full immersion bang sessions. All this in family basements, forest preserves, parties, friends parents bedroom and of course, The Drive In Movies.

We had grown together. Experimented together. Now that I had my own place our sessions were slowly moving into a more comfortable realm with out the constant threat of discovery, but still our love making was of the mild, rather than the wilder variety.

We drove in Bonneville to our favorite Drive In. The one with the heaters that you hung from the car windows along with the horrible speakers. We went for some post Halloween bad drive in horror flicks.

Not really.

Rene’s straight blond hair hung in the flickering light framing her button nose and high French cheek bones.Her silhouette was the stuff of dreams. She was a head turner by every stretch of the imagination.  I hung my arm around her shoulder and slipped my hand under her button down shirt which she had worn bra-less for the drive in. I teased the firm erect nipple on her small breast with my fingers as I drove. With the aide of the nippy autumn weather it was straining with tenderness and I had Rene’s full attention by the time we found our space between two poles. The Bonneville easily filled two spaces giving us two bad speakers and two luscious heaters for the chilled November night.

The movie was bad, so our snuggling intensified quickly. At nineteen years old our conversations about sex were non existent. It was all one caress leads to another. Rene had worn a simple skirt. Short. But not too short and my hands were soon roving up her strong white thighs and under her skirt. I found my nipple ploy had worked its magic. She was sopping. Usually I am not the first to take the trip way down under, but my mouth was pulled between her legs as if compelled.

I also knew exactly where to tease, where to lick, and where to suck as if some secret formula had been revealed. Like a curtain had drawn back giving me ancient knowledge of how to eat pussy like a pro.

Rene was beside herself and instead of gasps and heavy breathing she was absolutely twitching and almost shrieking in delight.

But most astounding was the sensations I was having. It was like not only did I know what would feel and set her a flame further, it was as if  I was actually experiencing my tongue as it slid through the folds of her pink curtain and my cock grew in sympatico with her clit. When she came again for the, I know not what time, I knew it was time.

I mounted my tender Rene and did things to her that we had never done before. Our love making had always been of the tender, young lovers variety but tonight I unleashed things that I had learned from the older wiser woman of my work place. In the Bonneville that evening she got the full Ellen Joy treatment.

As Rene’s young body quivered and received the pleasures usually reserved for the more mature and experienced gratefully, her sharp mind raised the questions on the cuddling drive home.

“That was different,” she said. “I am not sure where you learned that. I almost felt like a piece of meat at times. I am not sure if I liked it.”

I asked her if she would like to spend the night at my place so we could talk. Talking was really the last thing I wanted to do. I was thinking the session could continue much more unencumbered in the coach house I was now renting.”

Rene declined. I think she knew talking was not on my mind. Her erect nipples and flushed neck and chest also meant talking was not on hers either, but her steely intellect told her enough for one night. Her analytically brain had much to process.

So home she went, and into the dark night did I.

I did go home, but first I took a discreet drive by Tami’s. No car. No Tami.

Home alone.

November 2

I called Tami a couple of times today. No answer. I was starting to get concerned.  I had no recollection of getting her home, or even how I got home Halloween. I even went so far as to drive by work once I was able to move and get dressed. Her car was not there, which was good. I guess. I know she took the day off after our concert night out as well. I never would have thought I needed a whole day to recover from some musical fun. I had not expected the end of the evening to turn out as it did. If only I could remember.

It had been a tough recovery day, if indeed I was recovering. Images and strange sensations flowed over me at the most inopportune times. As I flopped around feeling both extremely drained and extremely horny I realized I had an excellent real life vision to whack off to. I now had kissed Tami, seen her wonderful little body stretched out in candle light. Glimpsed a shimmer of moisture between her toned and tanned thighs as they spread out below me and invited me in.

My cock sprang up as my hand reached down and my fist encircled its throbbing shaft. But instead of pleasure I felt an ache at the base of my cock which spread to encircle the base of the ball sack as well. Quickly the pleasure that the naked vision of Tami and the fantasy of her legs wrapped around me tight gave in to the pain pulling my prick was causing and I stopped. Flaccid and as spent as I usually felt after a night at the drive in theater with Rene.

I sat up and peered dolefully down at my failed erection. I noted what seemed like a thin red line, not bloody, but an irritation running where the shaft met abdomen. I was concerned, but feeling as all invincible nineteen year olds feel. Also since I could not remember clearly the night before exertions I figured it would go away.

Well, since Tami was not answering her phone I called Rene to see what we were doing Saturday night. We did not see each other much during the week, She was a Freshman at DePaul University and quite immersed in her studies. I, being a drop out for this semester only, was instead working to cover the tuition of the coming year. At least that is the plan, though Rene rags me to no end about not being in school now, no matter what.

Thinking about Saturday night with Rene made me hard again and I instinctively started stroking my raised prick with visions of Rene’s big bottom spreading out on the leather Bonneville seats as I pummeled her from all possible angles as she sighed and gasped in her Rene way. I stroked through the pain until the uncanny impression of furry haunches on my thighs and a tail caressing my legs interrupted my masturbatory sojourn into Rene.

I gave up rubbing one out and fell into a fitful sleep.

November 1

Of all my nineteen years, last night was the strangest Halloween ever. As my brain reels from memories lost, repressed, or other. Only one question roils through my brain:

How did I end up in Spain when all I really wanted was to be in Tami?

Tami finally said yes and we went to a concert last night. Sure it was with her two friends Jo Jo and Maryann and there two friends, Ralph and Joe. But after a whole summer of leering at her tiny little frame as she would pass through the warehouse where I worked, her delivering papers to the shop from the front office where she worked finally paid off.

She had to be the smallest, yet perfectly femininely proportioned, woman I had ever seen. Frizzy shoulder length hair, two perfectly firm and round breasts just right for her frame, and the roundest, smallest keyster I had ever viewed, often clad in tight jeans with a large star detail etched in denim on each buttock. Oh, the possibilities I imagined as she would swish through the warehouse en-route to Annie’s office.

We had taken my huge Pontiac Bonneville so we all could go to the Cow Palace to see the New Barbarians. We had some apple wine. Tami being twenty one had bought, I and others had brought the dope and we had rocked out with Uncle Keith. Of course he was on stage, we were not.

I had dropped everyone at home and driven Tami back to work so she could pick up her car. She had keys and said she had to get something inside and wanted me to come in. Something about Halloween and all and then things just broke weird and foggy.

There was a flickering light coming from the shop. Candles were laid out on the big production table, lighting only the table and leaving the rest of the shop and it’s machines in murky shadows.

The usually distant and standoffish Tami took my hand and using stools as stairs we climbed to the center of the candle ringed table. She wrapped her arms around the back of my neck, puller herself up on her tip toes and kissed me as I had longed for her kiss these many months. I was lost. Up was down, right was left, and there was rustling in the shadows and I did not care.

Tami was naked, on her back, legs spread, arms reaching up toward me, beckoning me to mount her. As I fell towards her I perceived it as falling up. As my hands found the svelte Tami I perceived mounds and ripples of flesh. Huge encasing thighs and I was immersed in a mountain of flesh.

But it was all so soft, warm wet and inviting I entered deeper than I have ever gone before. Deeper than my dear tiny Tami could have endured on first thrust.

Because below me now I saw the thick lipped, heavily jowled  fleshly framed and many chinned Ms. Spain. Office manger, largest and sweetest woman I had ever seen. Called me her Pumpkin when ever I delivered things to her office. I was pumping in her now, her hands guiding me as I merrily bounced upon her abundance. I was loving it. All of her. The scent of her was sending me to raptures I had ever known. Her voluminous flesh fold delighted me to oblivion.

I was hearing other things though. Moans from the murky shadow. Catching fleeting glimpses off cowled and robed forms in various stages of disarray and undress,

When I awoke, here, alone in my bed, my hips were still thrusting and grinding to the sounds of Spain’s siren song.

I must work through and remember. It is just flashes. I must piece what transpired for my own sanity.

But now.




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