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Hi there! Let’s play TMI Tuesday. Take a Look at Me Now. 1. What was your biggest worry five years ago, do you still have that same worry or feel the same about it at this minute? 2. Do you have a positive or negative body image? What factors contribute to your self body image? […]

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Life on. Life off.

Vivid Dreams

Live from Dreamland! It’s Saturday Dreamland Night Live…. 

Over Under Sideways Down

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What do ice-cream and sex have in common? We discuss both this TMI Tuesday, that’s what. 1. If you were an ice-cream flavor, what would you be and why? 2. What are the best sexy skills you bring to a sexual relationship? 3. What is the single largest problem causing you angst in your romantic […]

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Symes of the Times-Voices

Sometimes it’s lust a click away…

TMI Tuesday: June 5, 2018 — All About The Oysters

What kind of person are you? 

Slurp. Gulp. Ahhhhh….


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She smiles. She knows that she and only she has this effect on me.


Ginger Chunks – Dressed for Effect media-20180106


Ginger Chunks was ready for this holiday party. Her long red hair was silky and immaculately placed in such a way as to perfectly frame the vast expanses of cleavage.

Merry Merry

A warm sticky figgy pudding to all and may you have a very merry mounting tonight.

Ho.        Ho.       Ho.

No More

“I thought I was a gentleman of leisure. No more. With your taste on my lips. Your treasures laid out and presented below me. My cock hardened by the vision of your divine and luscious beauty.  The time for leisure has passed.” With a grunt of urgency I pull her rear end to the edge of the mattress. Grasp blue jeans and panties precariously clinging to one precious foot and dispatch them over my looming shoulder. I grab her slender ankles to spread them wide and plunged my turgid member into her weeping and undulating rose of Jericho. Her hips roll and roil like the ocean. She claws at my back as she cums in waves. I kiss and nip her neck from ear to shoulder. Again and again I with draw out to dangling cock knob caressed by sealing seeping folds only to nip a nipple and ram home with a cunt splitting thrust. Again and again we join and groan the groans of exquisitely lustful motion. I fuck her in a decidedly unleisurely fashion until spent, twisted, and smoking we collapse into a heaving sweating orgasmic mass of satiated flesh gasping deep into the well past midnight hours.


D/s + DD in Sweden


From frigid housewife to BDSM Kinkster, never say never

A Leap of Faith

A walk in the shoes of the barefoot sub

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The random ramblings of a forest dwelling, redhead submissive slut


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Musings of my curious mind - my sub awakening and more.

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does what it says on the tin... (18+)


Journalist and Writer

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ART - Aesthete and other fallacies

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Hello. I'm Heather, sometimes I think I can write...

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exploring the me inside and out, my uncensored invitation into the sensual, sexual, erotic and passionate.

I have loved you a long time.

So most things I do have you in mind.

Cimmerian Sentiment

Stories of Love, Romance and everything in between. This Blog is rated R for 18+ years old only. All content on this site is original and written by CimmerianSentiment. All materials are protected by copyright laws. Copyright©2017-2018 All rights reserved CimmerianSentiment


A daily selection of the best content published on WordPress, collected for you by humans who love to read.

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Erotic Letters to Henry Miller


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Surviving the affair....the cheaters perspective

I cheated. Yip I did it, I am not proud of it, but that won't change a thing. This is my story of me trying to survive one day at a time. No guarantees....

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Romantic Stories. Erotic Pictures. The most exquisite ingredients for an everlasting marriage.

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Gửi người có liên quan. Bỏ cái ko vui đi ha. Mình nên làm những gì vui vui như đứng giữa highway coi xe đi qua đi lợi. MINH DZU 2015

Deidra Alexander's Blog

I have people to kill, lives to ruin, plagues to bring, and worlds to destroy. I am not the Angel of Death. I'm a fiction writer.

The Müscleheaded Blog

"Nothing Exceeds Like Superfluous Jejunity "


The sweet, innocent girl of your dreams, cheating on you like the dirty whore she is.

Agony Blog

desktop confessions from facettes de la petite mort


Private erotic stories

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Questo blog è intitolato alla protagonista dei romanzi «DAL CAPPELLO DI GIA». Il nome Gia Van Rollenoof è uno pseudonimo coperto da copyright.


Smut and sleaze from a hack with a horrible attitude (18+).


connecting the dots by editing & writing erotica

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