Finally Cynthia

Celebration of Cindys



I watched greedily as she went full emerald on me. The slight green bra of a small breasted woman. Scanty verdant panties strategic enough to cover my svelte lovers gap, while revealing a generous amount of curvaceous derriere. Leafy garter belt to support the intrigue of flimsy grassy stockings.

I studied the shadows as they embraced her, while aware of the pleasure the removal of said forest hued splendor would bring me. It was immaterial whether she or I would be doing the disrobing. The way I was feeling now it would be more a frenzied ripping.

She rolled a stocking up slowly one outstretched alabaster leg. The stockings were a delight and I knew would be of a fabric that was soft on my ears as her thighs would caress them later that night. Red nails on her fingers answered her lips and hair harmoniously. Smoothing stocking at the top of her thigh, she traced a red fingernail across the emerald green pantie that covered her sweet swale.

“We’re going to be late. “

“I don’t care. ” I said and savored the view of her other outstretched leg as it received it’s stocking. 

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