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SkinnyRedNone of us young bucks understood the old man and the ever-frisky Skinny Red chemistry, but like all inevitable and undeniable chemical reactions it was apparent to all.



Pass Around Joy- 5 The Nanny Ride


Nanny had legs that made grown men burst into tears just watching her walk by, but here tonight with the silly knee socks of the nanny uniform she was like some Mary Poppins meets Catholic school girl mash-up. Nany2

This bit of drive by smut actually starts here and is brought to you by me…

Ginger Dressing

Ginger Chunks – Dressed for Effect media-20180106


Ginger Chunks was ready for this holiday party. Her long red hair was silky and immaculately placed in such a way as to perfectly frame the vast expanses of cleavage.


Life at the Sentient Bean 

12. Melee


Previously on “Where Are You Fang Fang Wu”

She was a driver for Golden Labrador Retrieval Waste and Recycle and was thumping a dumpster into the hopper humming Bang a Gong in the key of “O”. When she turned around and saw me smoking a cigarette at the back door of the “Sentient Bean” she whistled through the gap in her front teeth and exclaimed in the unforgivable voice of hers, “Well slap my ass and call me Sally. “