Pass Around Joy- 3 Meanwhile

paj31bJoy leaning over the back seat getting a full blown gander at my length and girth.


Pass Around Joy – 1 Packed and Stacked

1pajpacked-and-stacked Joy was all frizzy hair, glasses, boobs, and feminine curves everywhere else. Not stacked high, but packed and stacked to perfection.

Heart of Indiana / 7 Looming Indiana

Heart of Indiana / 7 Looming Indiana

At that point in my life Indiana seemed like it might actually be a good idea. I had discovered the hard way that even 7-11’s had gravitational fields of their own. Especially when the vehicle in question was piloted by Mr. James with the trusty Yellenna at his side. Forward and reverse can become tricky concepts for the terminally inebriated. The glass doors of a convenience store are not much of a defense from a 1966 Star Chief Executive. All of a sudden I look up and I am eye to eye with the potato chip racks. That’s when you know it is time for you to take control of the situation and get the flock out of there. So we did. Although that was a long past incident I always had a sneaking suspicion the vehicle in question may need to go to Indiana as well.

Speaking of Yellenna. She was trusty for me as well. Often times when the rest had left after the early morning bar closing festivities she would remain always ready for a pummel on my dirty red couch with her dirty red hair and dirty red complexion. A veritable ball of red curves and pink valleys of wet warmth. Little Miss of the pouty lips aplenty and rarely without the aid of alcohol a plenty.

I feel a need to remind myself of pre Planet romps because they were soon to come to an end.

After all what else was there to do but have a huge extravagant wedding to add stealth to the blatant fact that I was just another man that knocked up a woman. But this was no mere woman.

This was the Planet

Heart of Indiana / 6 The Planet Turns

Heart of Indiana / 6  The Planet Turns
But beginnings often foretell the regrets to come. Being true to my marriage vows to the Planet, the sickness, the health, and all the other nuances of the commitment actually had me believing the vows were mutual and not a matter of convenience. I have an amazing naiveté when it comes to matters of the heart. I am a true believer.

So just how and why a mature, professional women would not buy her birth control pills, ostensibly because she “didn’t have the cash” and then not tell her boyfriend? That boyfriend being me mounting the Planet and her me at every opportunity in our budding assimilation. A heads up would have been helpful. I always presumed that, until the fresh revelations, was one of the many mysteries of the Planet. Why to this day I don’t know nor have I ever asked the Planet. That the Planet could never talk to me in a manner I could comprehend is one of my many flaws. One must be still to hear the Planet.

So what to do when you’re a thirty three year old professional who has a knocked up girlfriend? We had discussed living together. I was having the growing fear of being a 50 year old cripple, no family, no kids, and still living alone. I had always had a problem with commitment. Hell I had an eleven year emotional cul-de-sac relationship with Rene. Sure we were young. Sure our careers took us in separate directions. Sure I was maimed in a car accident while we were together. Sure she stuck with me through the tough times. But I never asked Rene to marry me. Don’t even know if she would have. When we took up together in our teens she didn’t bargain on a mono-ped footless and fancy free twenty something husband. Who knows what complications would follow.
I knew I was looking at a successful career with absolutely no life. It was the emptiness in my days that would eventually set the table for my then distant midlife crisis, but would quickly be followed by my next to mid life disaster that I still find myself in the throes of.
The prospect of settling with the planet as my life companion seemed like a perfect idea. We had planned setting up house with two incomes. We both felt, I thought, that after a proper time of her bringing up baby she would want to restart her career and even laid the groundwork with her former employer to do so.

Indiana wasn’t even looming.