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TMI Tuesday: June 5, 2018 — All About The Oysters

What kind of person are you? 

Slurp. Gulp. Ahhhhh….


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“My beloved one.” I speak clearly as if into her ear. I cast my eyes upward to see swimming pond green eyes above jiggling boobs. Her half bitten lip in ecstatic dreamy smirk. Her head is thrown back in wild abandon as a low lacivious moan escapes from deep within her being.

Oh My

“Oh my.” I felt her say so sweet and low. My nose rubbing eskimo kisses on her rising bud while I roiled flowing folds with rolling tongue and moaning mouth. I steadied myself on shivering thighs as full body wriggles and shakes emanated from gasping woman above.


“Your turn,” said I rising up with an earlobe nibble. “Show time.” I breathed into beloved ear. She stepped back for asthetic edification. Her arms flowed toward the carpet. Brassiere followed delicate blouse to floor. Extended arms then lifted up in a languid motion offering extrordinary full breasts in their most sculpted perfection. Her hands finding fortuitous repose bent and posed above precious head afforded feminine countenance delicious procenium arch.


“Well played.” said she with a shrug. Buttons undone, blouse gave way to gravities enticement. My head followed suit as my lips gently found the spot where elagant neck met soft shoulder.


“Of course you are.” She replied as I fondled her emerald eyes with my blue ones. “Who else would have the time to perfect such a parlor trick.” My fingers spread across the new unfettered expanse of soft naked back. I held her weight as she arched her back giving my fingers purchase for the slow undoing of her blouse buttons. I denied myself the ogle of her treasures as my fingers slid delicate mother of pearl disks from button holes parting the fabric in a languid and luxurious pace.