7. Debbie Do

7. From Slamies’s to Pammies’s


At Slamie’s I ordered a libation from Cathy and pondered Debbie, the day, and what Cathy had looked like in the back seat of my car ten years before. While thinking about Debbie’s statement  “Do what you want with me.” I think I noticed that same look in Cathy’s eyes tonight. But tonight was not the night to plunge back into old business, so I finished my drink quickly, tipped well, and got while the getting was good. I needed sleep.


When I got to work the next morning Pam was in the suite waiting. Debbie had called in sick so Pam was going to cover for her.


“You look a little tired yourself.” Pam said in her concerned motherly fashion. She was an attractive woman, a little older than Debbie so that made her a few years older than me as well. She had very light curly blond hair that was just  long enough to bounce perkily when she entered a room. Pam was more conservative in her dress than Debbie, but the sensible attire could not totally hide her nicely shaped breasts, and the business dress tightly hugged her very curvy hips and behind. Larger by far than Debbie’s tiny keyster, but pleasing to observe on Pam’s exits from a room.

“A bit tired.” I said, “But the good news is the clients, as usual, are not coming until right before lunch time. Everything is ready. I know you may be stretched thin today so there shouldn’t be much for you to do on my end.”


“OK, call  if you need anything.”


As I watched her leave the room I though her behind was working the grind a little harder than usual, which was just fine with me.


So I phoned Debbie up, just to make sure she was alright and to see if there was anything I could do. It rang for a bit  and when she picked up she sounded like her old self.


“I just called to see if everything is alright?.” I asked.


“Everything, except I can barely sit down or walk.” she stated in an amused tone.


“Oh, sorry. You really got me going last night.” I said softly, “I guess I could be more gentle tonight.”


“You better not,” she seemed to scowl into the receiver.


“Better not what,” I asked taken aback.


“Either one. Be more gentle or even think about tonight.”


“Oh,” was all I could say.


“Pam will take care of you today, I went over the schedule and what is happening with your projects.”


“OK, but when can I see you again?”


“The weekend would be nice, unless you plan to spend it fucking Rene.” she stated flatly.


“No, the weekend sounds like a plan.”


“Good, now I need to get more ice and put it on my you know what. Ciao.”


As she hung up the phone I imagine I may have had a little bit of a self satisfied grin. Not to mention the thought of spending a weekend with my little Debbie dynamo was an extremely pleasant thought. But what if Rene has other ideas. Well I will cross that bridge when I get to it.


Pam came in with a message. She was definitely in a buoyant mood. The way her curly blond hair framed her fair features and bounced when she walked in was quite alluring. Also I thought there was one less button buttoned on her sensible navy blue dress than before. I do know there was more cleavage apparent  than there was before.


“Looks like the clients have another fire to put out on one of their other projects, so they want you to send a cassette to them of the changes you made yesterday and then plan on seeing them tomorrow,” 


“Looks like you are off the hook today”


“Aw shucky darns, and I was so looking forward to pressing my boobs into you neck like Debbie does when you are working,” she said with a sly wink, and wiggled out of the room.


I had no response to that, but in my mind I was thinking she could press her tits into my face anytime. I also found myself musing as to the form and texture of the nipples on those shapely breasts of hers.


“Unless they are not big enough for you.” Pam added over her shoulder as she left with a chuckle.


I just shook my head and made the arrangements for the rough cut transfer. Where was that assistant editor of mine anyway. I got up and went on the search. You can never find them when you need them.


As usual just before the end of the day the clients called with some “suggestions” which I could address. They always waited till quitting time. So I started flipping the pix and track around. While I was cutting Pam walked by. When she saw what I was doing she walked in and asked “Whats up?”

“Nothing major, I’m good.”


But when she walked behind me I felt the brush of a pair of deliciously soft breasts.


“Well, what do you think?”


“Very very nice.” as I swiveled my chair to face her and slowly raised my gaze past her cleavage and smiled into her blue eyes. Her red lips were moist and stood out on her pale complexion as she smiled down at me.


“A bunch of us are going across the street after work. You should join us when you are done.” she said in an velvety voice. It was an interesting contrast from Debbie’s somewhat bossy demeanor so I did not need much coaxing.


When I was done and crossed the street I was surprised to see only Pam was there. That was OK with me. I sat down and ordered a drink and one for Pam.


“I guess I got stood up,” she pouted with soft red lips.


“Not by me and thanks for helping out today.”


“Didn’t have to do much.”


“You did enough.” I smiled.


“Say, could you give me a ride home. I hate taking the bus.” Pam asked .


“Sure, so what’s new in Pam’s world?”


Well we chatted and drank. I got to know a little more about her. She was a single mom with two kids. She was fortunate enough to have family in the area so child care was less of an issue for her than most. She really liked her job with us. She said she found it interesting and learned new things everyday. Her blue eyes shinned with sincerity and her face was soft and open. She had a musical laugh and was very pleasant. But the alcohol was making her a little flushed and I noticed the flush was spreading down her neck and to the barely exposed tops of her breasts. She knew where my eyes were and I felt her hand slide up my thigh. When her finger tips touch the head of my stiffening cock she gasped, “Oh my, I guess my tits are big enough,”


“They seem quite delightful.” I mused and I ran my hand over hers as she squeezed the knob on the end of my cock. “Let’s get out of here.”


It was dark already and we went to the parking structure where my car was. I was on the top floor so all the way up the staircase I was groping her ass which swayed seductively in her dress. We would stop on each of the landings and kiss deeply. Pam would grind her hips against me as we kissed.  On the next landing I would pull her up by her generous bottom for the next round of dry humping and wet kissing. By the last landing I was running my hands lightly over her tits. Those generous breasts were so soft and pliable. Her lips were exquisitely soft and very seductive. Her ass was pleasingly cushioned and each cheek a generous handful. Her mouth was wet and seemed to envelope my tongue in a pliable sucking damp. Her kisses were like being immersed in a soft warm sweet tasting jello. It was a new sensation for me. So delicate, yet with hunger that took me by surprise.


By the time we got to the deserted top floor of the garage I pressed her against my car and kissed her so long I felt I was melting into her. I ground my hips in to her and Pam’s legs parted and I felt her sweet spot grinding on my pecker as I held her bouncy behind in my hands. She began ripping at the buttons of her dress, then the front clasp of her brassiere and then at my shirt  till our bare chests were pressed together. I felt her soft breasts flatten against me. Everything about Pam was soft and pliable even as her response was growing fierce. I was being consumed. I reached up under her skirt, but instead of panty hose I found a garter belt, stockings, and no panties between my fingers and the softest, wettest pussy I had ever fingered. As my fingers sunk into her we kissed madly. I  threw open the back door instead the front door of the sedan, and laid Pam down in the back seat. With bare breasts sporting huge areolas that covered a hefty portion of those ample tits which teased only the slightest hint of stiffening nipple, and her dress hiked up to her waist exposing her garter belt and silk stocking covered legs with one slung over the back of the front seat while the other poised on the rear window ledge what was a fellow to do?


I didn’t care. Garage or not, I dropped my drawers all the way because there was no way I would miss the sensation of my balls bouncing against that sopping, soft twat of Pam’s. As the knob of my cock slipped into her there was no resistance. It was like a tub of warm butter that split pliantly around the ponderous knob of my cock. Her pussy swallowed the knob and engulfed the rest of me in her fiery pink pudding. Oh Pam’s pussy was aflame and so was I. I plunged and plunged again into the delicious softness of lips, tits, and pussy.  Her curly blond hair spread out on the red seat leather and her blue eyes were slits of passion. My balls slapped juicily against her covetous cunt with each thrust. It sounded like I was splashing in a puddle with new galoshes.

I was deeply immersed in the sensation that was Pam.  No dirty talking. No talking at all. We just fucked each other with a panting pounding furor. It was a devouring, grinding, gasping fucking of each other. When Pam came it was like a volcano of lava and convulsions. It felt like my spine was spurting into her with flame pouring out of my penis in a wrenching simultaneous orgasm. Her softness absorbed all of it and all she said when she could speak was a resounding  “Yes.!”


When we drove out of the garage , the parking attendant berated us for being up there too long, so I tipped him a twenty and drove off. Pam was curled up against me in the front seat and she gave me directions to her home. I was surprised because it was only a block from Debbie’s.


When I got to the prescribed intersection Pam said, “Let me out here. I need to walk a bit before I go home.”


“You sure.”




Pam gave me a long soft consuming kiss that was guaranteed to leave me wanting more. As she walked away I waited and admired her ample rump that had so masterfully cushioned my pushin’ in the back seat. She turned and waved me on. 


As I drove home I couldn’t help wondering why I didn’t know she lived so near Debbie. Oh well

6. Debbie Do

6 The Breast Embrace


When I came to my senses my cock was still twitching inside Debbie while my hands grasped her tiny behind.  She was still grinding on my lap and rubbing her sweat covered shimmering breasts against my chest while her sopping pussy squeezing my twitching member. My chin was resting on the top of her short cropped silky black hair. We were both glistening with perspiration and the smell of our joined sex filled my nostrils.


“If you don’t stop twitching that  cock of yours I’m never letting you out” she gasped. 


“Who said I wanted out,” I whispered in her ear and nibbled the lobe. I ran my hands up her sweaty back and pulled her tighter. Feeling her erect nipples against my chest gave me a huge feeling of satisfaction, not to mention stiffening my desire to keep humping her in spite of the fact that cumming contractions continued. I felt entirely drained. I leaned back against the divan freeing my hands to fondle and ogle her mountainous tits. Whoever said more than a handful is wasted never spent time caressing, kneading, fondling, and tweaking a pair of truly monumental tits like Debbie’s.


“Fine. If you are just going to play with my tits and not fuck me any more I got something to take care of,” she said and placed her hands on my shoulders and slide her dripping snatch up my chest and over my chin giving me a chance to give her twat a final lick as she stood and walked off.


I loved the tantalizing glimpses of her tits as they swung side to side while she walked across the room stretching her arms over her head. “I’ll be right back.” she said as she went into some other room in the apartment. I realized I had only made it to the couch since I had been there. But that was just fine. At this point I don’t think I could move very far, but I picked myself off the floor and sprawled back on the couch and caught my breath. I enjoyed the cooling sensation as the air dried my cum drenched privates.


While gratefully recumbent I thought I heard the sound of Debbie talking to someone. I only assumed she had to make a call on the phone since I didn’t hear another voice reply to anything she said. I was relieved. Last thing I needed was to find some boy friend had come in the back door of the apartment, if there even was one. Door or boyfriend. It dawned on me other than working together and company gatherings I knew little of little Debbie. But I was in no shape for a tussle other than maybe another round with her voluminous tits.


When she emerged from the other room I enjoyed her swaying hips and 38DD tits as she sauntering across the room for effect. I was pleased that she had refrained from donning a garment.


“Making plans?” I asked, alluding to what I thought had transpired in the other room.

But Debbie artfully dodged the question by dropping between my knees and delicately depositing an enormous breast on each of my thighs and pressing them around my rising cock.  “I have plans alright,” she said as she pressed her boobs around me and wiggled them with shoulders and hands, “Even though I know the only reason you fucked me is because of my big tits.”


“As you were walking away I was kind of getting some ideas about that tiny little can of yours.” I grinned.


“That is going to take allot of convincing my horny little knob boy. That bulb on the head of you dick is hard enough to get in my cunt, let alone you know where.”


“So what sort of convincing?” I asked as my prick was growing between those fabulous brown nippled breasts.


” A lot of treating me like a princess, and fucking me like a whore.” she quipped. “So far you have only started on number two, and done nada about number one.” With that she released my cock from it’s tit haven, lowered her head and ran her tongue up balls and shaft then flicked the now pulsing purple knob with her darting tongue while looking at me through earnest brown eyes. ” Now you think about that while I will give you another incentive for numero uno.” 


With those words she began to give my cock the best slurping slobbering I could imagine. I think at one point she was humming the Bolero while  she had my prick down her throat. Then she would grab the shaft and slide both her tiny hands up and down with a slight twisting motion while leaning back enough so I could watch her boobs sway with her labors. “Just as I suspected,” she said and then got back to working it with her mouth and tongue like her first Popsicle. Well she put me over the top quick pulling me out of her mouth and aiming what little spunk I had left at her lovely tits. She took her time smearing the spluge over them for my visual satisfaction. 


“I told you so,” Debbie said looking exceedingly pleased with herself.  She stood and looked down at me and said, “It’s late, my pussy is sore, and we both have to work tomorrow. Time to get dressed and for you to go home.”


I made a theatrical frown and said, “But I haven’t seen the bedroom yet.”


“Oh no, once you are in my bed you are not sneaking out in the middle of the night. So unless you are ready to take this to waking up with each other in the morning stage you best be getting on home. You have a busy day tomorrow. I know, because I scheduled you.”


Debbie was right, as usual, so I dressed and as we were kissing goodbye at the door she said “Princess, remember.” I nodded and made my exit into the hall and out into the crisp Chicago night air. I hailed a taxi, but instead of home I told the driver to take me to Slamie’s, my favorite old neighborhood bar. It was a little past midnight, and I needed a night cap. Not only can Debbie wear you out, but her directness can be a little nerve jangling as well.


Speaking of jangling, when I got to Slamie’s who should be tending bar but one of my High School sweethearts brothers girlfriends sisters. Even in big cities, your past can always find you in a crowd. Lo and behold here was the terminally partying and mortally coked up Cathy looking me up and down with the recognition that can only mean trouble. For whom I did not know.

Functionally Disfunctional

In the morning

In the evening

She would be waiting

She would be on her knees

In a jiffy

Taking me in her mouth

Taking me with swirling tongue

Sucking lips

Slurping in between gagging reflexes

She sure knew how to suck my cock

But then her tight little cunt would call me

I know some women don’t like that word

I don’t care

She loved it

Demanded it

I obliged

I would talk about her cunt

How it felt to be in her cunt

How her cunt felt on my fingers

Her whispering cunt

Her tasty cunt

Her wet cunt

Her tight cunt

She would come on the spot

From me talking cunt

Then I would push into her cunt

With my stiff cock

Hard at the thought of her cunt

Harder than ever

Harder than Chinese Algebra

My cock splitting her cunt wide open

She would come again

And again

Fucking her between clenching orgasms

Could be challenging

Because she came a lot

Clenching orgasms

Shivering orgasms

Screaming orgasms

Oh how she came

Because her cunt was



I would come too

Und jetzt

On her knees between my legs

I’m in her mouth

Again she would suck me

Lick my balls

Her fingers would stroke

She wants me to come in her mouth



Begin the Beguine again

Can’t Stop

I can’t stop me

I filled you

Spent you

Played inside you

Smear around

Spread you

Licked you

Take a deep breath

Can’t leave you alone

I play

You resonate

You moisten

I’m encouraged


You’re flowing

Cock in hand

We play



A parting

A push

An entry

An engulfing

We fuck


1. Debbie Do

1 Prologue


Debbie was my go to girl at the office. When I needed a session booked, she was the one who could do it. Even better, she would lean over at her desk revealing cleavage that went all the way from Chicago to Cleveland, She was that special kind of woman. Five foot two, with 38DD breasts always barely restrained in a low cut fashion. My eyes always wavered between her large brown eyes and incredible tits. Debbie knew it. She kept her black hair cropped short so as to never obstruct the view with distracting tresses that would thwart admiration of her magnificent breasts. When she would rise to walk to a file cabinet her tiny ass was often sheathed in fabric that would reveal panties lines if worn. Often they were not. This was in the pre-thong days. She was the best. Debbie could get me booked where others would fear to tread.


One Friday night after work the whole crew retired across the street to our favorite watering hole. I could only have a few because I still had a cut to do and clients were coming in first thing Monday. I didn’t want to work over the weekend so I left early. I tossed my credit card to Dave the bartender and said “My treat.” and went back to the office to do the rough cut on my KEM.


I had spent an hour or two and had the rough cut knocked. I was doing the last playback when I saw Debbie standing in the doorway. She held two cocktails in her hands. “Finished yet?” she asked in her low and soothing voice.


Debbie was wearing a sheer orange dress that accented her olive skin impeccably. The plunging V of her neck line barely constrained her overflowing breasts. I wanted to dive into that cleavage. The way the fabric flowed and simultaneously clung about her body was a sight to behold. As she poured into the room and handed me one of the cocktails I didn’t care what was in it. I wanted to be in her. I noted that she had closed the suite door and locked it so I was already plotting, but mindful because we were colleagues.


“Show me what you did.” she asked. So I lined up the pix and track and hit the right button and the rough cut played.


After the grease pencil fade out Debbie said, “Let me see it again.”  


I obliged. As all good editors do, I watched Debbie’s face, not the screen to gauge her reaction. It doesn’t really matter what people say, it is the way they react that counts.


I turned and hit the stop button at the end of the spot. When I rotated my chair back to Debbie I asked, “Well?”


Debbie had moved close behind my chair and when I turned I was eye to orange silk covered tits. As I tilted my head up to peer past those unbelievable boobs I saw her short cropped black mane and soft brown eyes smiling down at me.


“I think the clients will love it. That reminds me.”  She tossed the credit card and the signed bar tab in my lap.


“Oh, thanks.” I said and put the receipt and card on my desk.


“Now I have something else for you.” I heard her say.


When I turned back she began to peel the orange fabric off her shoulders. The dress fell to the floor unveiling Debbie before me in white bra and panties. The contrast between her dark olive skin and the white fabric of her undergarments drew my hand like a magnet. But Debbie slapped my hand away and she said “Uh uh, my treat now.”



There was nothing for me to do but admire the full figured woman in front of me. Such a compact yet voluptuous womanly figure deserved adoration. The short cropped hair framed a strong jaw line, soft delicate shoulders that supported her full and astoundingly firm white clad breasts that lead down to a flat tummy resulting in pristine white panties. The legs were sturdy and shapely. Compact femininity at its best.


“Well this is a treat.” I stammered. “Thank you.”


“Oh no, thank you.” Debbie said reaching  for my zipper while dropping to her knees. As she pulled it down she deftly undid the buckle on my belt with her other hand. With one stealthy movement my hips went up, my pants were pulled down, and she was running her tongue up the length of my cock which was already hard and reaching to the sky. The only hitch was at the knee where she had to work the jeans over my prosthetic leg. She knew of it and it didn’t phase her as she looked at the knob on the tip of my shaft as it bobbed in the air before her shimmering brown eyes. She reached up with both hands and  ran her fingers from base to just below the tip. Being a petite woman, except for those magnificent tits, her small hands made my average sized shaft seem longer and thicker to my visual delight. Of course when her hands reached the knob all bets were off. The head of my cock resembled a tennis ball in her small hands.

Debbie rose up on her knees just high enough to maneuver her mouth over the top of my cock and ever so slowly let her lips part as she slowly slid my dick into her mouth and as far down her throat as it would go in that position. I felt her tongue work teasingly side to side almost reaching my balls till I felt her throat open a bit with a reflexive gag.


Debbie raised her head slowly leaving a stream saliva along the shaft as her tongue slid up the length to the tip releasing the now shimmering orb. She looked up at me with watering eyes. She swirled her tongue around the large knob and murmured, “I have heard about this,” as if speaking to a microphone, then wrapped her lips around the engorged head and sucked on it like a Tootsie Pop.


She paused just long enough to look at me and say, “I guess I have my work cut out for me.”


Debbie then proceeded to fuck me with her mouth as I have never been skull fucked before.  She was slurping, humming, and making quite a spectacle as her short black hair began to glisten with perspiration. She worked me mercilessly with lips, tongue and hands till I could contain myself no more.


As I spurted wildly in her throat she slowly raised her head gliding her lips tightly along my ejaculating length. When her mouth freed me she gave a last flick of her tongue to gather a bit of semen from the tip. She looked at me with her deep brown eyes while using her pinkie to pull the last bit of come from her lips to her mouth and said, “Now you owe me one.”


Rene and I spent a great holiday weekend together. I could tell she was burned out from University. I hope after this weekend she is not burned out from me, We were at each other like the two healthy nineteen year old animals we are. For a change Rene was as hungry as I. I liked it. That pursued damsel giving in to her boyfriend’s base desires can get old.

From the time we woke up en-wrapped in each other Friday morning until this Sunday afternoon it seemed if we weren’t fucking, we were either eating or bathing in my homes claw-foot tub. OK, we had fucked in that tub a lot before this. Who ever placed that tub in the center of that tiny bathroom was a genius. It became a prop as all the scant furnishings in my coach house abode had for this holiday weekends grunting, groaning, moaning fuckfest.

The only break was Fred’s annual Holiday party on Saturday night.  He has thrown one for years. His house was always the one with the scantest adult supervision and the tradition continues. Time was  Rene and I would have stayed overnight after party to make use of the upstairs spare bedroom. But now that I have my own crash pad we left that to be used by others this year.

With all the old friends and flames of mine at this party it was a test of my new found vow of fidelity. I must admit some women of my past, fact and fantasy, life might have crossed my mind as Rene serviced me upon return to the coach house that night. But the view of her long blond hair as it fell across my stomach as Rene took me into her soft wet mouth would banish all but adoration for Rene and Rene alone. Not to mention the sight of how intently she studied my dick with large blue eyes as she slowly stroked it and brought me to full attention. That was as alluring as any old phantasms that flounced in my head. Visions of girls I had lusted after previously. Some which had even satiated that lust. Far to few in reality.

Looking back at the party now I have to shake my head in wonder. Not only did the usual suspects, from Helen’s friend Eileen to Fred’s younger sister Judy seem to be drawn to rubbing against me like cats in heat whenever Rene was otherwise occupied. Each young woman was generously blessed with large breasts and seemed to want to make the point that Rene was not. Where were such attentions when I went stag to these occasions? Even Helen was more touchy feely with me than ever, until she remembered herself with the aid of my fidelity to my best and oldest friend Fred. All this in spite of the chemical enhancements available at this party. I have done alright with women in the past, but on this night there were open invitations from places where doors had always been shuttered tight before.

So as I positioned myself behind Rene’s deliciously upraised heart shaped rump for a final multi-angled ravishing of the day; her only comment was, “So are you going to fuck me into oblivious slumbers yet again tonight.”

“I shall do my best sweet Rene.” I said with firm resolve and impaled her again and again upon my rigid staff until that post coitus black curtain fell.



Samhain Rustling

It was then I began hearing sounds from the attic. JoJo was still working the floor with some help from Little Red Riding Hood. Little Bo Peep was shepherding some of the stray lost sheep out the door.

Finally Brunhilda took charge of those that did not succumb to subtlety and the party was cleared.

The soul cakes and colcannon had been devoured and only a few crumbs of the barmbrack were left on the plates.  These were not typical here in America on Halloween and I really enjoyed the touch of the Celtic Samhain JoJo had brought to the evening. She never failed to surprise me with her tricks and her treats.

Still I heard noises from her attic. I knew there was an attic, but in spite of the time spent in her home I’d be damned if I could even tell you how to get up there. But clearly there was someone up there. Or something!

Deciding to make myself useful I began tidying up party central. JoJo approached and took my hand and said, “Remember I told you there would be more rules.”

More Rules:

  • No cleaning.
  • No touching yourself.

Well alright then I thought to myself.  While I was still in hand she led me along with LIttle Red Riding Hood and Brunhilda in tow to the rear of the house and through a door I had never before noticed. It was such a small and inclined stairway I feared for Brunhilda’s ascent. But she gracefully climbed the stairway with ease me being urged up the disorienting stairway with JoJo before me and Little Red Riding Hood behind.

It was an attic alright, but spotless. The raw wooden floors had been scrubbed and the bare rafters were immaculate. There were beautiful weaved tapestries between each raft placed with a precise symmetry. The fabric made what could be a stark skeleton of a peaked roof  feel warm and very inviting.

A single bare bulb hung in the middle of the space. Rather than being harsh it radiated a diffuse and pleasing light. But what it hovered above grabbed my attention most of all. There on a platform, resting upon what appeared to be a feathery mattress, in the literal spotlight epicenter of this otherwise shadowy attic was the glistening black machine from JoJo’s closet. On the other side of the platform sat a chair. Well, also being on another platform it might best be described as a throne. For effect there was a  hanging behind this throne, but in the shadows I could not decipher the pattern upon this tapestry.

If I had felt disoriented coming up the staircase to this next level, my head was swimming with questions, curiosity, uneasiness, and excitement. Like little fish these impressions were swimming around my head and then scattered as the predatory lust fish swam to the surface of my consciousness.

Here I was the only man with three women, Little Bo Peep, LIttle Red Riding Hood, and Brunhilda, all dressed in provocative Halloween’s slutty slant costume regalia. I only knew for sure the identity one of these women. JoJo. As alluring as her already compromised attire was, the fierce rams head mask gave an edge to this developing late night tableo.

Well, make that four women as the Leather Nun appeared out from the attic shadows pushing a cart filled with colorful bottles of lube and phalluses of  sizes and shapes to strike any ladies fancy, adorned with various strategic placed nubbins and protrusions designed and designated for her pleasure. The predatory lust fish was skittish and looking for a dark place to hide for a moment.

But Bo Peep and Little Red took my hand and led me to the chair rather than the mechanized feather bed so little lust fish began to peek out even if still intimidated by the out manning display of phallI on the Leather Nuns cart.