Heart of Indiana/ 4 Peter Planet

Penis so big it has its own gravitational field. Attracts many heavenly bodies that are compelled to spin around it and then on to it. Decaying orbits have never been so much fun.

But the memory of one in the hand and three in the bush inevitably brings me to the fond reminiscences of…

Lavergne’s Tits

“Do what you want with me,” she said.

So after pawing at her for hours in the Green Mill we were now up in my studio apartment downtown. There we stood with the city lights for illumination. I finally had her blouse open, bra unhooked

revealing two of the largest breasts I have ever touched. Not freak porno tits, but real, warm large brown nipples that were oh so soft. Sure I had admired them at the office, as had many of my co-workers, but now my hands were on heaven.

But what about the invitation to do to me what you want…..hmm. That could have been a night to remember. She was shy about the size of her breasts squeezing them between her arms as she eased on to my cock. Oh those lovely breasts. The sweet tight warmth of her enveloped me. I loved when she rode on top. What a view. So I balled her like a pinball machine. Made ’em bounce. I loved when I entered her from behind. Those full breasts pressed down on the surface of the mattress flowing out from under her olive skinned shoulders.

When Lavergne and I fucked , we worked up a sweat. Sweet, slick, sweaty olive skin, and huge breasts. Nipples that I could never get as erect as Rene’s. But I did spend time trying. Now to my regret, not as much as I should have. I should have spent more hours doing anything I wanted to Lavergne, her tits, her ass, and less drinking with my knuckle head co workers and more fucking would have made for sweeter memories of the time.

But my last excursion into Lavergne was a prelude to the savage and raw emotions to come in the bush. I have known the company of women, but she was my favorite. Short statured olive skinned lass of amazing breast proportions totally in contrast to her tiny little behind. Showing up on her door at all hours of the evening to partake of her abundant charms. I enjoyed her thoroughly at every visit.

The last visit was was perhaps a rather revealing send off for me on my journey into the darkness. After having spent a few hours with the fair haired Pammy I lusted for some darker pleasures and finally took Lavergne up, so to speak, of the open and standing offer to “do what you want to me.”.While mounted from behind I became perturbed that Lavergne would never remain on all fours denying my hands free reign upon her bosoms. She would always place her massive breasts and delicately cropped black head of hair on the mattress. So I raised my aim that inch or two higher and plunged into the land forbidden by state law in Indiana. The land of my exile. So with a delightful view of Lavergne’s ample breasts spilling out under her body I slowly and ever so gently pushed into her delightfully tiny and tight derriere. Then withdrew. Entered a little more. Then with withdrew again, till soon I was plunging deeply and savagely to her guttural moaning and wailing like the little Italian/Irish banshee she was. That was the last woman I had before and throughout my marriage to the Planet. For my fidelity I have no regrets. So I then began my time….

Fucking the Planet