Friend or Acquaintance?

American vs. Russian notions of friendship


Heart of Indiana/ 3 Transactions

So I gave all to the immutable laws of commerce as creatively as I could. I set out to amass money, cash, investments, whole the Planet focused on property. My life heretofore had revolved entirely around work. Well almost. Time was spent at work, resting, or wasting time in the clubs and night time haunts searching for what? I am not sure. Peace of mind . Hardly to be found in such places For the most part I avoided entanglements.

Sure there was the late night adventure with a fine slender women with her passed out boyfriend in the next room. I could hardly forgive my self as my hands caressed her tiny behind, moving her sweet moist enveloping lips into the optimal position for a proper side to side ride. For now I was in the embrace of women. Not like the sturdy Eastern European stock from the catholic schools. Girls I had madly groped on their parents back stairs in my younger days. Or my Rainbow girl, under my favorite tree in the park, endlessly kissing and fitting our young bodies together to maximize pleasurably frictions. Of course when the weather got cold my Rainbow dumped me for an older boy with a Firebird. I moved on from such things with the eleven years of growing up, growing together, and then apart with Rene.

Now it was variety I craved, and what a delightful variety there is in this marvelous city. I worshiped at all shapes and sized altars in those years. How I did enjoy servicing those women. Adult encounters invariably led to the complete immersion and entwining of our naked bodies in apartments and homes through out the city. No more back stairs, or trees in the park for me. I was a professional.

My life revolved entirely around the Planets now. For me the Planets gravity was inescapable. Not that escape was sought. There was something I needed there. We went out on dates. I pursued the Planet. We formed, after a long and intermittent courtship, a relationship. We worked in the same industry, knew the same people, and ran in the same circles. We seemed to enjoy each others company. We became a couple.

We seemed to share many of the same values. Spent more and more time together. I had found the same feelings, only more committed, that I had once shared with Rene. Dare I say it. I had found love again. There. The romantic in me has come out. I said it now, and I professed it then.

But I was not yet ready to give up some of my late night wanderings. The Planet was still small, light and young. I had developed other duskier, heavier, and more energetic appetites.

Planets laugh…. inhaled abruptly like a mad asthmatic child of eight gasping for life yet enjoying every forced inhalation like a one year stored orgasm of an eighteen year old boy losing it before completing the long anticipated docking maneuver.

The Planet had plans of her own. Do I think it was all planned out or was it just general sloppiness in life. Always so many things to do, places to go in the city. A well employed couple with time to have fun, time to work, time play and money to spend. How far ahead did the Planet really plan. That is something the Planet only knows. But I courted the Planet in earnest and with passion. As the courtship continued my other women friends, who were used to my rather spontaneous visits would welcome me on the occasions I showed at their doors and never ask about the passing of time. After all ,no promises had been made. The Planet received my time. The others received my lust. The Planet received my tenderness. The others received the harder parts of me. As I think back I must have believed myself to be….

Peter Planet

Heart of Indiana/ 2 The Planet

Janet Judith Planet

Now the Planet is so large she has her own gravitational field. But not when it began.

Plowing blindly through space absorbing all resources and recourses that get in her way. Although what she sup supped up does leave their marks on the planet, still she spins tirelessly through space. Constantly absorbing, never giving back much to the universe or the space she fills. Very selfish, looks out for herself, and is reborn. The Planet is the center of this universe. Of course. How could it be otherwise.

Janet’s laugh. Very memorable. Like…….

More on that latter. Usually to appear at the most inopportune times. Just like it would appear in real life.

So the Planet started small. Not to small. Like many things with the Planet, getting involved with her seemed like a good idea. My career had been prosperous, but my life was lacking. First met the Planet shortly after Rene Abuduh was out of my life. I was in no hurry for involvement or orbiting. The Planet was young. I was busy. The Planet was attached. I was not. The Planet was skinny, all breasts and big blue eyes under short cropped hair. I was bloated and beat. But we found each other in that crowded industry party bar. I was ready, on the rebound. She was almost ready. We would meet again after a few more orbits and some life travels. We parted with a final kiss that night.

I would not escape that easily.

Now Rene Abuduh, was the Planets predecessor. Younger, prettier, smarter than the Planet. In many ways a force to be reckoned with all her own, Youthful and wild as all teenage girls are. Still a child, yet coming to terms with her own womanhood and sexuality. But truly a party animal. Not conflicted with her youthful past as the Planet was because Rene and I both existed in her youthful past. My youthful past as well. It should never be mistaken that Rene morphs into the Planet. Two very distinct and separate entities. Never to meet. What would ever happen to the universe if these two bodies would meet? What would be the consequences?

Rene was tall, small breasted, large shapely behind that was underutilized and under appreciated by the younger me.

My family always liked Rene. For why I can’t be sure. When asked what caused our split I would have to attribute numerous factors. One being that we just plain grew apart, coupled with my work schedule which at times only allowed a few hours of sleep a night and her teaching career which allowed much more free time. Also my serious maiming that happened a few years before our split might not have been something an attractive twenty three year old women would want to deal with the rest of her life. However she stuck with me through the worst of it and for that I shall always be grateful. Actually… Always Grateful is kind of my middle name.

So Rene exited stage left never to be seen again.

I always wondered if there was anything I could have done to change that, because I know I didn’t do much at the time. Another of my many “what was I thinking moments.” Now I was staring down Indiana. Only I still didn’t know it

So I gave all to the immutable laws of commerce.

Heart of Indiana/Prelude

It was  Friday afternoon and I had a great sense of relief. I saw them all walking to the South Shore station and I knew what lay ahead of them. Herds of them filing into the underground . Lines and lines of them, heading out of their weekly veneer of civilization. Running away from the concrete, fine restaurants, theater, opera. All the finer things in life. Weekends they throw off these trappings and strip down to their basic, primordial selves. Oh how I shudder when I think of what goes on out there at any given moment. Why did I take that journey. What primitive and vile urge brought me to the very edge of my humanity. One thing I know. In Indiana…No one can hear you scream

I am a wiser man and have used as well as been used now. It is unfortunate that often it is unrealized at the time by all parties. But upon reflection ,after having pulled myself out of the wilderness, and looking back on the events there is no longer a need for forgiveness. What was done was done . Whether out of necessity of survival, or just basic animal instinct. Perhaps both the same. Is it the actions or the motivations that really matter? Or is it in fact only the results that count. Perhaps that is the true measure of my journey into Indiana.

What was it that brought people down that South Shore line, many on a daily basis. Others beginning on a day to day trek ,only to eventually be swallowed up, churned inside the guts of mills, industry, and eventually corn. None but the brave or foolish returned there to toil. The lure of cheap cigarettes, cheap property, low gas prices would seem to be the immediate and easy answer. There where also whispers of white trash trailer park women who could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, but most thought that was just rumor to draw the young males back to the corn fields. Whatever the draw, the land was ripe to be plundered as a century before the robber barons located their mills. They sang there song of the south drawing hundreds of thousands from Kentucky and Tennessee to labor in the newly industrialized lake front. In many ways the new migration out of the big city was much more insidious. To the point: what was it that drew me. But I have yet to mention

The Planet