Oleo Holiday

He was getting dressed to escort Coco to her company Christmas party. It was the first with her new company. Considering they “got together” at their company Christmas party a few years prior, the occasion was both nostalgic and promising. When he heard the familiar refrain of a classic stop motion holiday cartoon on the television, “Oleo lady ol lady I oh,” he stopped and watched. Maybe those were not the exact words, but that is what he heard as a child and that is what they stayed into adulthood.


Coco was a very buxom five foot two slender hipped black haired woman. She kept her raven hair cropped short. She knew it highlighted the markedly firm square jaw on her otherwise feminine features. She also knew her lovers liked the view it afforded them when she was going down on them. A clear view of her lovers reactions to her gifts of oral pleasure were her reward for the hairstyle, not to mention low maintenance. She was a busy woman. Tonight was her first chance to show off her boyfriend to her new coworkers. Well maybe he was not exactly her boyfriend. But certainly her date for the evening and long term, well, lover for sure.


He had spent the last five years focused on his career since the break up with his high school “sweetie”.  His old sweetheart was a tall small breasted icy woman, so he had been wallowing in the variety nature had to offer, vigorously dating all personality and body types. Rejected frequently. Accepted enough to be satisfied with the sampling. Of late he had focused in on three delicious women. All three different. But with two things in common. All three had great tits. Yes, he had a fixation.


They were Coco, Toni, and Nancy. Tonight he was taking Coco to her company holiday party. Coco was the woman he had been “seeing” the longest.  Although he had met Toni only a month after the demise of his childhood romance, he had not started dating her regularly until just a few months ago. Nancy had become a Friday night after work regular, who also knew Coco from the days when they all worked at the same organization. Nancy was a single mom and Friday nights were her nights to herself. Often his nights to have her as well.


Toni was still in full take me to dinner, a show, then you can fuck me transactional relationship motif.  Saturday nights were with her. But neither he nor Toni was ready to do the next morning wake up together routine. That was fine with him. That freed up late Saturday, early Sundays for Coco. He liked fucking three women one after the other on a given weekend. But lately he missed the simpler more conventional committed relationship. So he knew a decision and two disappointed amours where on the agenda early next year.


Even though he always called first, Coco did not like that he would come over to her apartment late at night with only one thing in mind. Two things really. Her tits. Coco knew he only fucked her the first time because of her tits. They were a headliner in any venue. But he kept coming back for more. She hoped more would develop and had even changed employers in the hopes that distance would facilitate a real relationship. But lately she could tell he had come from being with another woman, and still she would let him in because she knew what she would get. She knew she would get it again in the morning too. She knew he would wake up in her bed and he would be hers all day long. Those were the best days. Coco wondered from time to time if it was Nancy he was coming from. Coco knew her. Coco knew he still saw Nancy. Nancy and her had fucked him together once. Only once. Nancy and Coco had been a couple but Nancy never slept with Coco again after that. She missed her. Coca had been with her enough to believe she knew her scent and this was a different flavor.


But tonight he would be all hers Coco thought as she put the final touches on her new party dress . It was flowing off her frame just right for a night of dancing. The plunging neckline showed off her best assets perfectly. Good thing he had bought her that expensive snuggly coat to keep her warm on the taxi ride to the party. Coco did a final adjustment on her garter belt and stockings. She knew that secret knowledge of her undergarments would have him hard as a rock all night long. Men and their ways Coco thought.


He knew Coco was the best lover on his weekend wanderings. Maybe the best lay he had in his life. She was inventive, unpredictable, full of surprises. Oh those tits. Big, round, firm, yet supple and soft. He could watch them bounce as she rode him from above or as she was sprawled beneath him on her back and all places in between. He could not take his eyes off them. Maybe long enough to look into Coco’s eyes when she came. Her facial contortions and glassy eyes were his inspiration to make her tits bounce again until she came in a magnificent show of twitching moaning ecstasy. He could make her cum a lot. She made him cum in quarts. So why did he know she would not be his final choice?  He knew because something intangible was lacking between. Something he did not find in Coco.


The doorbell rang. Coco opened the door and in he strode. She form fitted her supple body against his. He  leaned in and kissed her long and hard and said, “Taxi is waiting outside. Ready?” Coco kept her breasts pressed against him just long enough to make her excuses for a few final touches. An unrefusable proposition. He knew that worst case scenario the taxi driver would scoot with the extra cash he tossed his way to get him to wait and a new cab would have to be hailed. But that last full tit press was worth it. Coco was worth it. He knew he would chicken out tonight, fuck Coco for the last time, and break the news to her after the holidays. Maybe not the nicest thing to do, but he could not resist Coco’s allure.  He hoped he could resist her allure after the news was broken. She made everything hard.


The party was as festive and boisterous as Christmas office parties could be. Oh how Coco danced. He loved dancing with Coco from her shimmy shaking to her melting into him on a slow dance. He also enjoyed watching her dance with others. Coco was a willing dance partner to both men and women. He would catch glimpses of her stocking tops, or her low cut dress being lower and more cutting during her gyrations. He loved how her olive skin collected a dewy sheen when she perspired.  When she sat down beside him for a break before hitting the floor again he lifted a small drop from her cheek with his finger and savored her taste.


Then he caught a whispered catty comment from one of Coco’s office cohorts. “Coco is gunna get some Hardrock tonight just where she likes it.” He didn’t care for the nickname he had been given by some of the women he had dillyed more than he had dallied with in his more diverse post break up dating days. But he had earned it. He knew he had earned it numerous times with the catty whisperer. Tonight he planned to embrace that nickname until Coco was fully spent and satisfied.


On the cab ride home that cartoon song found it’s way back into his noggin, so he sang it for Coco.  “Oleo lady o lady io….” making her laugh all the way home. She had wanted to take him in her mouth to get him and herself warmed up.  She loved his cock, but she had blown him in a cab before so a repeat performance would have just been gilding this lily of an evening. He had never sang a whole silly song to her without a care of the apparent annoyance to the cab driver. In the end cabbie was happy because Hardrock was a big tipsey tipper.


Even after slowly undressing Coco those dang cartoon lyrics were still running through his head. She spread herself out on her over-sized bed and he knelt between her thighs. From his vantage point her tits were mountains on the horizon.  He reached out for them while giving her some serious side to side head. Because of her short stature and his long arms he was able to firmly grab her two glorious tits with his tongue teasing her inner thighs. He heard in his head “Donner and Blitzen away away” and he started to think those were fine names for her boobs. He could not help himself and he started humming the song while his tongue slithered in her slippery twat. She purred, “I know that song” and he felt her pussy pucker around his tongue while she laughed out loud.


She watched his head lift out of her snatch as he rose between her legs. The bed was the perfect height for him to stand and enter her while she was on her back. Coco put a hand under each thigh and pulled her legs back to her chest and then spread her legs wide. She knew he liked an unobstructed view of her tits when he banged her in this fashion.


He knew the time was right for a full piston press while using his fingers to push that now erect button her parted dark pink curtain had revealed for him. He circled the sleds around her sweet spot and went in for a deep impale. As he stroked in and out he heard “Santa is busy with his magic sack. He trusts his reindeer and never looks back.”


“Back! That’s the ticket.” he felt the inspiration rise in him.


He flipped her over to all fours, reached under and cradled Donner and Blitzen while teasing a reentry ever so slightly into her from behind. Her little ass waggled and he teased again ever so gently with the tip. He cradled her breasts and pinched her nipples until she pleaded  “Harder Hardrock. Harder.” She knew she had slipped calling him by his office nickname. But tonight he was living up to it. He was thrusting away full hilt and that was when Coco did what she always did. Fell forward breasts flattened to the mattress and little rump raised up to receive. He never told her this always disappointed him. He lost access to caressing her wonderful breasts, not to mention full immersion into her.


She never told him that the full penetration he made when she was on all fours was uncomfortable and occasionally painful which is why she would fall forward and flatten out.  She would endure his mad dog humping fury as long as she could in that pose. She knew he really liked it that way. She could feel him grow stiffer and longer when she was mounted so.  She also knew he would never even try that position again if he thought it brought her pain. He was too gentle that way sometimes.


He was on his knees behind her admiring how her flattened breasts spilled out on the sides under each well toned arm, but the refrain “Oleo Lady” was going through his head.  He got out of bed and said, “I have to get something from the kitchen.”


Coco rose up on one arm and watched his broad shoulders and no ass walk out the bedroom door in the dim light. “Now what?” she thought to herself. She looked around her bedroom congratulating herself on the mirror placement. Nothing gaudy, but when she rode her lovers reverse cowgirl the view of herself in the large dresser mirror took her breath away. With luck she will do that show tonight. If not, when they rise in the morning. The view of her breasts as she rode her men and women lovers pleased her and just the thought made her wetter than ever.


When he came back he was singing that Christmas cartoon song. ”Oleo lady ol lady I O”  and he pushed her on her back and straddled her stomach. He had a tub of margarine?


“You didn’t have any Oleo. Who does these days. Who even remembers what Oleo was?” With that he scooped out a full measure and courteously started rubbing it between his palms for warmth before rubbing the slippery viscous oil on her breasts.


Oh the old buttered breast tit fuck coming up. Men do like to fuck my tits she secretly smiled to herself. She had successfully guessed Act I. .Act II would be something Hardrock had saved up. Even after years of coming in late at night and her bold offer of “do what you want with me” upon their first frolicking fuck there was one road not traveled.


Donner and Blitzen were a sight to behold as they enveloped his dick he mused. Her breasts so round and firm with large brown areolas. His fingers gently traced the transition between tit skin and aureole satin. He gently kneaded the nipple to attention. Her nipples were subtle, where her tits were not. He loved the feel of his balls getting all slick from the Oleo. “Oleo lady” danced in his head as he smeared more and more on his shaft and her breasts et al.


She loved watching his face as he tit fucked her. He was always a gentleman about it. He would come between her tits and on her neck, but never that silly jerking off in her face that these younger men seemed to have learned somewhere. Less experienced and gratifying lovers received quite a surprise when they tried to pull that stunt on her. However Hardrock would be granted that pleasure if he so desired tonight.  But he apparently had other plans. He slid his slippery balls down her belly now and was turning her over. Oh well. This is not the first set of sheets she has ruined with him. Coco quivered with anticipation.


“Alright. I give. So your Hardrock. I’m Coco. But who is Joe?’  she asked looking up while on her side.


“It’s Joe Booty baby “ he said with glee and continued to turned her over.


“But..” she began


“Exactly” he cut in as he gleefully started smearing generous portions of the Oleo substitute on her butt cheeks and gently teasing her tiny little anus to prep it for her close-up.


“Sing along now Coco my sweet” said he.


Coco had been fucked in the ass before. Rather in-artfully she might add.  She was having a moment of serious trepidation, but then the silliness of the situation, him singing like a fool as well as her trust in him as a tender lover caused her to give in with a nervous laugh.


“Santa is busy with his magic bag…” they sang in unison


Between the laughter and the singing Coco first became aware of the head of his cock pushing ever so slightly into her tailgate. His big now red bulbous Christmas ornament was working ever so gently in and out.  Bit by bit. Slowly splitting. Then releasing. A little more. A little less. Just a bit of pressure. It was almost pleasant and she was relaxing.


Finally after he sang out loudly “I’m Hardrock!”


She followed “I’m Coco”


So it was when they hit in unison the lower notes of, “I’m Joe,” his cock slipped in deep and solid all up her bumm making her laugh, squeal, and cumm instantaneously from the sheer intensity of the sensations.


He could not believe how tight she was. Her ass felt like a vise grip condom as it rolled all the way up his prick to his balls as he delved into her over and over. When he burst his Christmas cheer in her ass she felt the warm glow wash over her being and up her spine like a fiery river.


He had never felt such intensity in a woman’s orgasm in his life as he drained everything he had into her quivering quaking flesh.


So it was years later, deep in a loveless marriage he would dolefully beat off into Toni’s bowl of decorative scented soap in their bathroom to visions of being in Coco’s bumm dancing through his head.


Ho. Ho. Ho.


As a kid in Chicago the lyrics to an archaic stop motion classic would run through my head every holiday season. But the refrain “Oleo Lady” always brought to mind the butter substitute, margarine, once referred to commonly as Oleo. As an adult male this reference to Oleo lady took on a new meaning one very special holiday evening~ P.S.



A Christmas Judy 8



The year was 2071. Conchita and Lilly, the nurses were watching the brain scans and read outs from the one hundred plus year old man. With the massive number of baby boomers achieving hitherto unheard of ages, the monitoring and search for what was going on in those elderly brains as they sat oblivious in their dotage had become a booming industry. Protracted tongue movements had caused alarm among the staff, so he was brought for closer monitoring. The usual, there but not there, state in which he had been resplendent in for the last three years had the staff ever curious about the readouts.

Though my body was in the care home, I was still admiring my Judy sprawled on the massage table. I was now taking her on shaky legs to her bed for our first of many nights sleep together joined as neither of us had been before.


“There was an incredible surge in neurotransmitters in Subject’s brain happening during that last episode of facial acrobatics. Yet all his vitals seem steady and halcyon.” Conchita said to Lilly as she notated it on her tablet.


“He is always one of our happiest and accommodating residents, but those episodes concern me.” replied Lilly. “But look at how placid he seems now.”


“Well, lets take him back to his room get him settled in.” Conchita stated. “It’s almost time to knock off and I have tons of stuff to do before Christmas.”


Ho. Ho. Ho.

A Christmas Judy 7

What Did Judy Get


I was pleased to find upon entering the bathroom that Judy, although a very busy woman, had not been neglecting herself. She had a wide array of scented bath oils and crystals as well as a large bathing sponge and plenty of clean fluffy towels. I chose a pleasingly scented oil that was half full, found an ideal water temperature and allowed the bath to begin filling as slowly as possible. When I returned I found she had positioned herself in her meditation area and breathing the deep relaxed cadence of one experienced in the practice.


As I knelt down before her she looked at me through half closed eyes and said “Even though Rene filled me in about this, I can’t say I am sure of what I do?”


“That’s the whole point,” I said softly, “ You do just what you are doing now, breathe, clear your mind of everything and just experience with all your being. There are no goals to be reached. Only each eternal moment.” We sat eye to eye and I allowed my breathing to match hers as I admired the beauty before me. When I had cleared my mind of everything but her I rose and led her by the hand to the bath.


I slowly unbuttoned the heavy winter sweater she was wearing sensing that the temperature in the room was now sufficiently comfortable and slid it from her shoulders, then lifted the lighter silk garment that she wore beneath slowly over her yellow mane and laid gentle kisses on every area of slowly revealed alabaster skin. Being a fair haired blond her skin was perfect and apparently well protected from the suns rays in spite of her love of the outdoors. I let each discarded garment gently fall to the tile. As I released her full and delicious breasts from their fabric embrace I added appropriate licks and ever so gentle nibbles where appropriate. I knew the marks from the bondage of these astonishingly full breasts would be washed away with the warm soapy bath. As I unbuttoned the woolen skirt and slid it down over the curve of  her hips and over her still winsomely small derriere I took extra care with the kissing, in teasing proximity to my eventual poetic palette. Judy’s breath was quickening and I had to be mindful to keep mine even. It had been a long time since I had shared in a moment such as this. My middle years focused on attainment and the resultant competitiveness of my business life made me forget many of the things Rene and I had shared when youthful and free of responsibilities. Eventually the woolen skirt and kisses made there way to the ground floor roving along the longest legs I have ever run caresses down. I took the opportunity for additional and apparently pleasantly invigorating near kisses with the removal of her simple and shear panties. She placed her hand on my head gently to steady herself as I rolled the silk stockings off her feet. While kneeling in front of her I looked up to see wide blue eyes past brimming round breasts and delicately moist flaxen haired fringed lips. It was clear my attentions were being fully appreciated.


I took her hand as she stepped into the tub, and while she stood there I used the scented water and bath sponge  alternating with intimately placed and tender kisses to cover sketch-1544892311967every inch of this statuesque blonde. As I lowered her into the tub I said, “Now just soak and relax for a bit.” As she sank into the warm and lushly slick water I slowly removed my clothes while she watched and splashed a bit as she luxuriated herself with the sponge. When I was through and stood before her she looked me up and down and quipped, “It looks like you are enjoying this as well”, and giggled like the girl I remembered.


“I’ll prepare the other room” I remarked and I grabbed some towels as I left. I lit some candles and used some of her sandalwood incense. I set up Judy’s massage table in the middle of the room and perused the selection of massage oils she still had and selected what would be the best for the encounter. I looked about approvingly and focused awareness again on the moment .


After drying Judy and leading her to her table I observed with awe as she stretched out on her back on the freshly lain towels. Her breasts spilled down her sides as she positioned herself and and I knelt between her thighs. I selected the oil and warmed it in my hands knowing that the room had heated enough for us both to be comfortable and naked in for quite some time. I began caressing her gently all over, paying attention to nothing but her in my hands as I gazed into her diaphanous blue eyes. While above her I utilized some of my yoga positions to make minimal but effective bodily contact while reaching treasured areas of her full and generous charms. Sometimes she would succumb and follow that most human desire to give pleasure while receiving it but I would gently caress her hand and kiss it back to her side. Her breathing became quicker and sighs began issuing from deep within her being. Time became inconsequential to us both, but when the moment came after a longing search of each others eyes while kisses were exchanged it was then that I traversed her length once more with lips, tongue, and hands while I knelt between her now upraised knees and began that most intimate of massages. Initial contact sent a rippling wave through her whole glorious body, which seemed to continue as I explored further. Occasionally her hand would go to a place and I would begin special focus there allowing her hands to relax again with the knowledge that this was a sensitive area that needed special attentions. As the kneading moved slowly from the exterior to the inner realms I felt contact with her very being as the come hither of my fingers massaged deep within Judy. I felt a massive release and exhalation. While she collected her breathing and sensory faculties, I knew it was poetry time.


Her eyes were glassy , but her breathing was fluid and deep. As I worked tongue and lips down her upraised leg and looked at her face I again saw the many faces of Judy, from little girl, early confused adolescent, teenage dream, young aspiring lady, facets I witnessed through the years all culminating in the mature confident woman now flushed with a spiritual passion from deep within. When my lips reached hers and I began with a tender yet gentle flourish to share my poem, with some adlibs for effect of course, I felt her moan through her entire body and we wailed our impassioned mantra as one.

A Christmas Judy 6

What Did Judy Want


Now I was smiling. I knew what she was talking about and I knew it was a good thing. A wonderful sublime and transcendent thing. I could see the tranquility in her face and about her body. The relaxed slow and measured breathing. The act of sharing these long held memories and opening up to another person with the added bonus of both of us being a participant in those memories which made it all the more intense.


“I remember it was a few months after you had gotten your own place,” Judy continued. “So I guess the search for places for young lust to play out was no longer necessary. Of course I was now beginning to explore men my own age. Yet I sometimes missed my nocturnal tableaus after a furious and sweaty night of wrestling with my budding boyfriends. You and Rene at that age were beautiful together. Or at least I thought so. But I believe it was right before Christmas after one of my brothers Christmas parties, which I was now finally able to hang out at now being twenty one years old. So after all the other partiers had left and my boyfriend had gone home. My moms leash on me had not lengthened enough that I could have sleep overs like my brother, even if I was in my early twenties. So when the four of you had retired to the upstairs, I waited breathlessly. It had been months since you had hung around at our house with Rene, and I think the prospect of peeping was the high point of that particular party. The hour being late you and Rene accepted the invite to remain till morning for a big Holiday breakfast. My mom was not as concerned about you and my brothers morals as she was with mine. Eventually I heard you two split off into the room above mine and I listened for a while, yet all remained quite still. Although I heard some movement, it wasn’t the usual groping sounds of passion I had grown to know and listen for. I had to go see, so I crept up the long shadowy stairs. Instead of spying the sweaty fierce devouring hunger of young animals of the past, I saw the two of you sitting placidly face to face breathing in unison. Rene was sitting still, eyes half closed, not moving while you were running your hands over her naked body ever so gently, tenderly and sensuously. Well this is something I had never seen, nor ever heard of. You had candles and incense burning and the smells, the lighting, the mood struck me as perfect.”


“Of course” I interjected, “Having a place to call our own did transform our relationship in many ways. We really grew once we no longer had to steal moments in family homes and automobiles. It opened both our eye’s. But this return to your home was a very moving experience because of our past there.”


Judy continued “I was sure that this was just a new kind of foreplay, and my holiday passion play would commence soon enough, so I stayed. Still living at home I was looking for ways to impress the boys even if it was still mostly a tease. But you just continued caressing and gently kissing Rene everywhere while she was beginning to breath a little heavier and deeper. I noticed your remained even and focused exclusively on her, and the look on your face was so placid and serene. Like at the Christmas tree tonight. I watched as your hands slide down Rene’s long well muscled thighs but still you remained serene. It seemed like forever that this continued. Being young and inexperienced I think in my mind I was shouting, now, now, now when are you going to pounce. I was becoming impatient as well as quite aroused and agitated. Instead  you just gently push Rene back onto the mattress and continued the most excruciatingly sensual massage. Yet you still remained placid and so aware of only Rene. I couldn’t tell who was enjoying it more.”


“I can only speak for myself, but the closeness shared that night was…well, there is no word for it” I was barely able to get that out because I was now so focused on feeling and listening exclusively to Judy’s narrative. To hear from a witness to a moment that is still vivid in my imagination, though 35 years later still filed me with wonder. Watching my full formed and womanly Judy tell this tale, yet still being able to see the teenage girl that she had been very clearly, was throwing my focus a bit. Especially seeing the resemblance not only to her mother, but brother, and father made me realize why I have been so tentative around Judy these past few years.


Judy continued, “Then as those constant kisses seemed to flow into each area that you had so deliciously massaged eventually found there way between Rene’s upraised thighs. Her soft and rhythmic breathing began to take on a tonality all their own. I though I would burst listening to her gasping for air. How can she stand it, why isn’t she sketch-1544720978086screaming for him to mount her. Yet nothing. After what seemed an eternity of shudders and sensuous moans of an ecstasy that my young woman’s body could only long to know  you gently kissed Rene, curled up together , and fell asleep in each others arms. I didn’t know how you could stand it. I couldn’t understand how Rene could just leave you like that, yet you seemed so serene still. This was not the usual transactional dating, you do me and I’ll do you passion exchange that was the norm. That evening had me wondering for years. I thought it was some sort of Buddhist thing. I just didn’t know,” she laughed at her memory of her youthful confusion.

“I can tell that you know now what Rene and I were doing” I smiled broadly at this magnificent blonde visage before me.


“I certainly do.” Judy beamed back, “Rene told me all about it at the wedding reception.”


As we sat there looking across to each other it became apparent that one of the good things about the inadequacies of language is that some things need not be said at all.


“Let me turn up the heat and draw you a bath.” I said as I rose.

A Christmas Judy 5

What Judy Really Saw


“Want more tea?” Judy asked as she lithely rose and smoothed out her long flowing skirt. Perhaps she was hoping that upon return we might move from our topic. Or perhaps to buy time to gather her thoughts. This evening was taking a turn that I hadn’t anticipated. It can be hard enough to broach the impending subject with a significant other at any stage. Toni, my ex wife, and I were living proof. But talking about intimate relations even with someone you have known for years has always been ground to tread lightly upon. For me at least.  If indeed that is where this was going. I mean what could Rene and Judy have talked about all those years ago at a wedding reception. I resolved to take my cues from Judy on her return. Conclusion jumping and having conversations in your head before you actually have them can be destructive, often leading to defensiveness and subterfuge. This was not the time for either.


As she entered the room I could see a sort of resolve in her demeanor. Her mind was made up.


“I have thought about this for many years” she started, “and I have to say it has led me many places. Some good, some not so good, and some… well the only word for it is, sublime. I mean I was young and curious and the noises I’d hear from my brothers room when he went up there with his girlfriend would fill my thoughts. They were confusing. But I had my suspicions. Yet the last thing I would want to do is actually see my brother like that, intentionally or otherwise. So I let it fill my young girls mind with their own images and never allowed my curiosity to get the better of me. But then when you started going out with Rene and the four of you would end upstairs after being out on dates, or whatever you four did, and then hang around upstairs while my mom was at work, my curiosity started to get the better of me. Most of the time I would hear the four of you laughing and listening to music and just being goofy. Then one night I heard movement in the spare room up above mine and I decided to sneak up the stairs and peek.”


Judy looked up at me with her clear blue eyes and took a sip of tea. I guess she was gauging my reaction, almost like a child not sure if they were in trouble or what.


“As I crept up the stairs I started to wonder if you two were quarreling, or if Rene was in some sort of pain. I just didn’t know what to make of the sounds. I may have been eighteen, but I know now I was a very young eighteen. As my eyes rose above floor level I saw through the door you on top of Rene with your back to me and her legs spread high above you with her knees above your shoulders. her long legs amazed me. That low angle view of you plunging into her, with her beginning to yelp while the low guttural sounds you were making made me think you were attacking her. But then I recalled the more muffled sounds I had grown used to from my brothers room and realized that this was all part of that great mystery that is sex. I couldn’t watch long, the sight filled me with all sorts of emotions. Mostly in my head as I was trying to put together the information and misinformation of what little I knew of the intercourse thing. Bad words used in the play ground now had an image. My body also was reacting in ways that I just couldn’t grasp even though they had enveloped my thoughts for years.” With that she threw back her head and laughed a full body throaty womanly laugh.  The frightened girl on the staircase transformed into a woman. I was speechless. I didn’t quite no what to say, so I just smiled sheepishly. Judy gave me a huge smile that seemed to say “It’s OK”


“Needless to say I couldn’t sleep that night with my head filled with thoughts, images, sounds, while my body vibrated with startling sensations.” Judy continued, “I told my friend about the sights and Cheryl, the girl  next door, made me tell it over and over again. She made me swear I would call her next time you and Rene were there and she would slip over to see this for herself. That was a promise I never kept.”


“Thank you” was all I could muster so she continued.


“Although I started to feel like I had gotten away with something,  whenever you came around with my brother I had to go hide in my room. I didn’t know what I was feeling, but I couldn’t face you. But when I heard you and Rene in the room above a few weeks later I couldn’t stay away either. This time as I snuck up the stairs you were on your back and Rene’s long blond hair was bobbing up and down about your midsection. I just sketch-1544652243433watched afraid to move a muscle. All of a sudden she flipped those tresses back and boom, we were eye to eye. Without missing a beat, or so it seemed to me, she gave me a wink and a smile, ran her tongue up you, twirled her tongue around your head and buried you deep down her throat. I nearly fell down the stairs. I knew I was in big trouble. I was terrified you would tell my mom,” Judy chuckled, “I guess I assumed with my brother and his girlfriend up there all the time that my mom knew what was going on. I was terrified for a week. But Rene never said a word, and you all continued to treat my like the kid sister no one noticed. I felt relieved. Also quite emboldened”


I cleared my throat and said, “Just the fact you are telling me this story now shows that emboldenment process has reached it’s zenith.”  With that she chuckled and flashed that smile that always captivates me.


“Well I know my childhood sweetheart and future husband would thank you two greatly for some of the things I learned from my nocturnal peeping. At first it seemed Rene rather enjoyed showing off for me. But when I began filling out my blouses” as she gestured towards her full breasts safely encamped under a thick and warm sweater, “I think she became self conscious of her more delicate endowments. When she would be riding a top your face and spot me in the shadows of the staircase the look was no longer a wink and a smile, but a more possessive girl to girl thing.”


“But what mostly troubled me about all those early episodes was the hunger and the lust I saw on your young faces, the sounds, the smells, the sheer  animal passion with which you would go after each other was mesmerizing and a bit frightening. Then the time our eyes meet as you were pummeling Rene from behind, and the look on your face, and the fleeting recognition that I was watching. Well I wasn’t sure if it made me jealous or frightened of you.


“Now Judy,“ I said, “I really have to ask though. What does any of this have to do with meditation. Although I have to admit you telling this story to me will be a hurdle to over come when I try to clear my mind of thoughts, I am not sure I am trackin’, if you know what I mean.”


“Well, it was the look on your face at the Christmas tree tonight that reminded me of the last time I saw you and Rene share a moment in my mothers home” she said as she looked intently at me in a way she never had before. “That’s what Rene and I talked about at the wedding reception all those years ago. It set me on a process that I am still following today. What I witnessed that last time,which was right before Christmas as I recall, was something else entirely.”


Now I was starting to understand.




A Christmas Judy 4

Tea Time With Judy


Her condo was what I expected. That is the condo of a woman who holds down a full time career while attending school to gain a degree in a specialized nursing field. Also around the home was the scattering of things I recognized from her past as well as hobbies developed from a brother who has a deep love of wildlife. Lizard pets and puppies, all in omage to her roots. Judy loved animals and seemed to enjoy the communal living with them. She gave me a tour and introduced me to her friends. I saw the child emerge in her as she cared for her friends. Pets are not the right term for her relationship with them.


I knew from her brother she also had another friend, more of a traveling companion than a boy friend. But there are many kinds of travel. Since Judy never made mention, I made no attempt to pry. I just enjoyed the times we spent over the past few months. Occasional trips to opera and concerts which we shared because of our interest in such things. Interests that others we knew didn’t share. She was well versed in music, theater, cinema and the arts. We also shared a few lunches and dinners to catch up and keep in touch since our Easter meeting. But with her schedule and commitments and with my non-commitments and no money it was rare we shared these amusements.


I remember after our first lunch I gave her a farewell embrace and felt her tense and I immediately backed off. I recall feeling like I was a school boy trying to cop a feel, but for once I was innocent. I was feeling the affection for the time we shared both past and present with no calculations on the future. Very unlike the younger me. As her comfort level grew now these embraces were friendly but ever tentative. Trust takes time. Especially with people who have their luggage with them. But it seems we are both slowly checking that baggage at each door we pass through.


Her invite was evidence that we were becoming our new selves with each other. For me, after many rushed and impassioned encounters often fueled by substances both legal and otherwise, I was actually taking my time to have a woman friend. Not a work colleague with whom you shared projects and commerce with. Not a woman met in a sketch-1544537495517bar ending in sweaty sheets and a dysfunctional few months of attempted relationship building. Not a long term sex on demand fuck buddy that never blossoms into anything other than more intense pleasures shared together, but a personal time friend. This was what I needed at this time in my sojourn. Yes we had history of growing up together at different times, and intimate knowledge of our respective families, but fortunately nothing else that might muddy the waters of sharing moments and complicate it into something that it really wasn’t. I mean she was my buddies sister. It was a new and special time for me and now was a special time of the year.


As I looked about Judy’s condo I saw many of the expected things. I noticed she still had her massage table from her time as a massage therapist. She had studied that years ago and did that as a side job for a few years. Setting up in businesses and spas. But the constant hassle of getting contracts and work wore her down and she no longer pursues it. Then there was the unexpected. She had a meditation area off in one alcove, and since she was a practicing Roman Catholic I was little surprised, even though the practice has seemed to be gaining in popularity since it’s obscure roots from future New Agers back in the sixties and seventies and beyond to antiquity. I know I have practiced it with intermittent diligence at times, losing my focus since the seventies, regaining focus in the new millennium. Now I do it on an ongoing basis no matter where I am.


She came out of the kitchen with the tea and announced that it was a pleasant Ginseng and white tea blend which I have always found to have a pleasing effect on me. But I was a bit curious about her choice. Of course one of it’s purported effects was as a memory enhancer among other things so perhaps it was just right for a trip down memories lane. I sat in a high backed and comfortable chair while Judy installed herself on her divan. The chill of the night air was finally leaving us while we chatted about what life has given us since the last time we saw each other at the opera. We had attended La Boheme, which is one of my favorites. I was well behaved and did not try to sing along on that occasion.


I mentioned the meditation area to her and at first she seemed a bit surprised by my query.


“I thought you knew I have dabbled in that for years. I figured my brother would have told you, or for sure Rene would have mentioned it way back when.”  Well the Rene reference took me by surprise for I didn’t realize they knew each all that well. But I let it pass. What I don’t know is vast compared to what I think I know. I would have it no other way.


“Well neither one ever mentioned it to me. Do you still find time to practice?” I asked. “I mean with the schedule you keep how do you find time.”


“Actually I don’t know how I could keep my schedule if I didn’t find those moments for myself.” she smiled back. The little girl I knew was now wise. “You know, it is because of you and Rene that I grew interested in the practice” she added cryptically as a blush crept up from her slender neck. With that she actually let out a giggle. As incongruous as a giggle was from this now rather serious woman I couldn’t help but being charmed. Perplexed as well.


“So I have to ask, how so?”


That was my only response, and that made her blush more.


“Well…. I know for sure of one time you saw me watching you two through the door at the house, but that was not the only time. Rene didn’t see me that time because she had that big ass of hers in the air and her face pressed into the pillows.”


I think I choked a bit on my last sip of tea.


“I guess I had led a very sheltered life because that whole scene left me mystified and confused. After what happened to my brother, Ma kept a very tight leash on me well into my early twenties.” Judy was getting the far and away memory recall look in her clear blue eyes. “Rene was aware of many more times I would sneak a peek. “As a matter of fact we had a nice long chat about it at my brothers wedding.”


I had been the best man at that soiree and vaguely recalled Judy and Rene had disappeared during the evening. I remember being pleased that these two young women had hit it off after all those years. I seemed to recall some earlier undefined but apparent tension between them in our younger days. Now I had my reservations. Mostly about what Judy had seen and the effect it had on her afterward.


I think I was blushing now, but if this was the rabbit hole that this moment was presenting. I was going down it.


“Just what did you see?”

A Christmas Judy 3

Past Judys


There she stood. Her face pink from the cold air, yet so fair and ethereal. Framed in a blond halo of delicate hair, cut shorter than usual and no longer permed as it had once been years ago. The present style suited her features well. Her smile rimmed by peppermint red that highlighted her lips on her fair complexion. Winter evenings suited her. She was positively glowing in the the cold winter air. Some may define her features as sharp. I prefer prefer the word striking. The little girl I remembered was now a formidable woman.


I recalled Judy as a child. Her brother and I were fast friends and she just adored her big brother. She would always have something to share with him. While we were out chasing snakes, crayfish, or turtles she would want to share our treasures. With two older brothers she was destined to be a tomboy. Her brother was destined to be annoyed with her, but not too. He saved most of his annoyance for his younger brother. I guess we all did. But when my best friends brother ran away after they had a fight and died in a horrific accident; what was once a typically troubled family was shattered. My friend would handle it with some difficulty, but the effects on Judy would prove catastrophic. Unfortunately with all the adult dilemma and teenage drama the youngest girl fell through the cracks.


Through our late teenage years my friends house was the place to hang out. Mother working two jobs, father gone to divorce and drink. It was the place to be. Due to the layout of the home Judy’s room was where we had to sneak by to head up to the attic hang out where our gang would listen to music and talk the talk of teenage boys. Soon it became the place we would sneak our girl friends into to do the things teenage boys and girls do. The room closest to the stairs was the room of the late brother, now the spare guest room.


I recall one evening when her brother, me and our girlfriends, all in our early twenties, crept by a sleeping Judy’s room and went upstairs. While my friend was having his way with his future and present wife in his room I was utilizing the spare room taking Rene sketch-1544460682865in the most advantageous doggie delectus position. As I merrily pummeled that tasty pudding of Rene’s over under and side to side while we two were caterwauling like young healthy animals I heard something behind me and looked over my shoulder.  Judy was watching us through the doorway which Rene and I had recklessly forgot to close in the frantic clothes ripping fashion of young lust. Judy seemed transfixed, but since she was eighteen and had a steady boyfriend I only assumed it was nothing she hadn’t seen or done before. To the contrary knowing she was watching only made me pound into Rene with more gusto. I was young and enjoying the heart shaped young rump I was riding. I have no idea how long Judy watched. That time.


All I know is for the last few years that my friend lived at home Judy and her adorable friend Cheryl, who lived next door, would follow me with their eyes whenever I came for a visit. Perhaps it was just my imagination. Perhaps it was because I was often careless with door closings since that first time. But Judy knows more about me than I like to admit. Perhaps that is why she seems pensive around me. Perhaps that is why she made me nervous.


Meanwhile other lads in our gang would talk about my buddies sister in ways that I couldn’t fathom because I had known her since, well about forever. But truth is she became that most desirable of young women. A tall skinny blond with the tiniest of keysters and incredibly large breasts. Very much natures child of the seventies. But my attentions were elsewhere and after all, she was my best friends sister. To my eyes just a kid. Of course it was hard to ignore her and Cheryl sunning themselves in the back yard. Either their bikini’s grew smaller, or the young women filled them better.


Life moves on. Mine did and so did Judy’s. I saw her briefly at my friends wedding and soon after that she was married too. Then there was my friends 40th birthday party at Judy’s home. All seemed well with her and her husband. He was her high school sweetheart,  and just like my buddies had become his mate. It seemed like a family tradition. Since she was playing hostess and I was there with Toni, my own ill fated mate choice, Judy and I exchanged few words. We were all making plans for our futures which we didn’t realize had arrived.


It wasn’t  until years after my divorce and Judy’s that we met on that bright Easter Day. Again in the same home that she grew up in and that I had spent hours hanging out in with her brother. Decked out in her Easter finery was when the opportunity to meet the woman she had become presented itself.


From her golden crown of hair to the full bosom sheathed in white silk all wrapped in a bright red blazer with matching skirt short enough to showcase her long legs that went all the way to the ground.  I was twitterpated and she knew it. We had some catching up to do. But I let time slip by as I so often do.


Now here we were. Would time slip again? The crowd at the tree had thinned. Judy took my arm and I felt a little shiver run through her. I hoped it was the cold.


“Let me make you a cup of tea,” she said as she led me away. “I’m right around the corner.“


Hot tea sounded good about now.