2 – Now When?


So I watched Judy rise out of bed. I can never take my eyes off of her when she is naked. I know she likes that. She has told me she finds it reassuring. I concur. When you stop looking at the person in your life when they are naked it is all over. Not finishing. Not coming into the home stretch, but full and well kaput.


Her breasts. Glorious tits might I add were still full and round with ever prominent erect nipples. Sensitive occasional orgasm inducing nipples. Well, more than occasional. She can squirm and seep from an errant brush of a hand over said rack of desire. A well placed tweak betwixt thumb and forefinger can elicit a gasp and full body quiver. It may have taken a lifetime of difficult, petulant, hard to never being pleased women in my life to arrive here. But here I ever gratefully am.  


Sure you might be thinking , “Where’s the challenge in that?” I will take the endless stream of pleasure derived and pleasure given of this most satisfying of sexual relationships. You can keep your hard fought conquests. Been there. Done that.

I felt myself rally as I watched her small behind exit the room and I hoped wherever she wandered in our home in the sky she wouldn’t tarry. Because I was going to take her around the block one more time.


Life was good. I rolled over and hung my head over the edge of the bed. I enjoyed the bottoms of the clouds as they floated under Lake Michigan. I could see sail boats that had headed out this beautiful spring morning early in the season. I hoped they were experienced because Lake Michigan can throw some serious spitballs at the novice and occasional foolishly bold part time mariners. I was awash in self satisfaction with my navigation of some perilous financial waters to have arrived here at this best time of my life. I was reassessing how secure I was feeling and why that should feel new to me, since it had been over a decade since I had even the slightest trepidation of my income waning gibbous in relation to my outflows. The one decision of cutting my losses through a painful divorce before more damage could be done financially was in my view the turning point. Never again will I make that error.


I liked my bed up here in the clouds with the wall of windows that look out over the big lake with my head hung over the side of the big four poster bed. I enjoyed fucking other women in this bed that Toni picked out. I liked her demand to get it in the settlement. I dug my heels in on that one and since I had paid for everything in out fourteen year marriage I won. I have enjoyed digging my heels in while fucking the other woman that rode this four posted monstrosity as they rode me. Many noted that it did not seem to be my taste in furniture but I deflected with a vague reference to sentimental value and kept my lurid fucking revenge reveries to myself.


Why spoil a moment.


I watched the boats sail on the ceiling of blue as the puffy cotton ball clouds made a moving carpet of peace. I was at peace now.

It was then my upside down landscape was replaced by the perfectly place blonde fringed pussy du Judy at the perfect height for a perfect lickin.  


“Am I blocking your view?” Judy purred  


The high elevation of the bed and the length of Judy’s legs were the best argument ever for predestination so I reached up, grasped ass, and pulled her fresh out of the shower cunt to my eagerly salivating mouth. Both snatch and tongue were prelubbed for her oral pleasuring which she leaned into and exclaimed, “Oui Oui Pierre mon fleur,”  as she bore witness to my stiffening prick.


I was lost in flowing folds as she sank low to meet my adoring tongue and her legs parted to reveal my upside down lakescape once more. I floated on her scent and plumbed and bobbed in her snatch when she said cryptically “You just got back so that stiff one will have to wait to be released.”  


I felt her legs buckle as she slid off my face into a quivering lump of orgasm jello.

I admired my day with my mast rising high, spread eagle on my post marital bed. With hopes of a special Judy fuck demurred from just moments ago, I was still ever hopeful in spite of wondering what Judy meant by me just getting back.  

I had no recall of the previous slither by now.


Judy looked wonderful splayed on the floor, her taste fresh I my lips. My hard on raging to my nethers that needed to feel her delightfully tight pussy split as my cock found it’s way into her heavenly splendor. How a woman her age could still be tighter than some ass I sampled in my day was a joy and mystery to be revered. Just the thought had me slipping and stretching my six foot frame over her five foot three blonde on blonde body like a puffer fish showing off to intimidate.

Judy knew me harmless and said, “Seems you need a refresher. Go read your journal and see if your really want to take the chance of another of your time spurting cummings and goings?”

“Journal?” Was all I could muster as my erection toyed with her sweetened folds. Usually my fires no longer burn at the same level of Kelvin as they have in the past, but this morning they were off the scale. As my Judy lay on the carpet in our high rise home, her large soft breasts pulled apart and resting nicely in her armpits, her freshly eaten pussy still splayed and moist from my oral ministrations. Her womanly essence radiating up to me called me to straddled her at her stomach and placed my mast in between her large fluffy bald armpit kittens. She sighed and pushed them together engulfing me in her bath oiled and scented breasts and said “I hope you stick around after. But I can never even can tell when you leave, so it’s no skin off my tits.”  


I was beyond listening or even caring at this point. I could tell she was welcoming me with her breasts and her cryptic warnings meant nothing to me at this point. I just felt my cock sliding in the lizard brain induced bucking hip thrusting motion of fucking a desirous female in places that will not propagate the species. Judy would greet the tip of my prick with a tongue swipe when it traveled up to her mouth only to slide back between her glorious boobs.


Repeat, enjoy. Repeat, enjoy. Repeat, enjoy. When my cum flowed it came in velocity and ferocity of a twenty year old me as it spurted. On her beautiful face. Ooof. Her glorious tits. uuuHHH. Her elegant neck. AHHHHHHH. Her……Schluuuup.


Fragrant Furrows

I found the tip of my tongue plowing fragrant furrows topped with a huge tangle of black bush. It was a not unfamiliar, but a rather rare occurrence in my life. I could tell I had been drinking. That has not been so rare. I could tell I was much younger because I was about to come in my pants while eating… who? I peeked up and there she was. Gina. I could tell by the toned, well muscled, long legged, and spare breasted frame. But this time Brittany was sitting upon Gina’s face with a look of hunger in her eyes and a sly devious intensity being sent in my direction. Her eyes were big and blue even without the large framed spectacles she usually wore at work. I was extra grateful that on this special occasion of the company Christmas party Britney had eschewed her usual blue jeans for a little black dress. Even better was the black thigh hi stockings which were now working their magic around Gina’s busy cheeks. I knew this was not how it was. I knew this would have been glorious. I knew my notebook would not be here so I knew the memory of former pasts was flitting away like a bird on the wing.  


Good news was Gina was cumming in gushes. Better news was this time I was not unloading in my drawers. Being faced with a now that was ready to suck me in I was going to enjoy the long eluded Brittany sucking me in her sweet mouth that gasped as she came hard and long on Gina’s face. I studied Brittany’s face as it floated above her now disheveled little black dress. That face that had launched numerous phantasms in the libido of a younger me. That younger libido I was sporting again zoomed into overdrive as I rose from between long toned thighs with Gina spread all over my face. My goal to be between Brittany’s shorter and softer thighs. A goal that was finally within my purview. Not to mention visions of clutching that perfect Brittany behind that always had me stop whatever I was doing at work to watch her work it down the editing house hallways where we both were employed.


Gina was working those gams of hers trying to hook my ass with her heels to draw me to her sweltering snatch, but Brittany’s cunt was in my sights singing her siren’s song to me. So I had no qualms of crawling over Gina’s writhing bounty to claim the object of my long deferred desire.


My balls brushed Gina’s small firm breasts as I knelt before Brittany and slowly eased her little black dress over her red banged hair which framed her beatific face. Her hair perfectly straight over her lustful lovely eyes. Gina presented with my stiff cock under her Brittany slathered chin made do by wrapping her fingers around it blindly. Gina gave a gasp of appreciation into Brittany’s cunt as she felt my girth and steely response. She was licking both of us below while using my throbbing cock head on Brittany’s now palpitating clit. My tongue explored her sweet mouth twirling a holiday waltz around her thrashing tongue. Brittany’s strapless bra gave little resistance as I brought her perfectly shaped breasts into play. We kissed and I fondled those two delightful tits which rested in gentle pools of flesh like purring kittens in my palms. Shape and size perfect. Pleasing heft and bounce. Soft fleshy little globes that were in need of my adoration. Perfectly dark ruby ovals surrounding shy inverted nipples. I scooted back to get one of those little beauties in my mouth, a maneuver to which Gina took issue with since my prick was withdrawn from her combo platter leaving only Brittany’s pussy and her fist around my shaft to satisfy her lust for thick cock.


I had forgotten what a leggy, shapely, and lithe woman Gina was because she took the initiative to roll, bend, hoist, and free one of her limbs from between my thighs to the outer reaches of our current triangle of lust. This maneuvered me with leverage to her greedy twat. With a twist of her hips gravity did the rest and I fell into her. My fall was glorious, my prick was engulfed in her tawny paradise. So I stretched out and began pumping furiously into Gina while enjoying the bounty of Brittany’s bosoms. So my past night of defeat now afforded me to savor a naked and willing Brittany while I buried my now steely young cock deep into Gina’s sweltering twat.


My eyes were locked on the visually stunning front facade of the delicious and delectable Brittany.  Her body was all I had imagined. I fucked Gina hard. I fucked Gina deep. All while drinking in Brittany’s beautiful wine colored nipples. Nipples that were now rising from either Gina’s oral attention, or the visual display of me banging her best friend while she was being eaten out with feline precision by her quivering and orgasming bestie beneath me.  

Still tonguing mercilessly, Gina was muttering guttural obscenities that were echoing within Brittany.  


“Oh fuck that long legged slut Pierre!” Brittany cried as we all came together as a team.

No thoughts of notebooks, slithering, or that this was a past that never happened. It was happening now. It was happening to me. I knew my Brittany Christmas present would be unwrapped shortly.  Even as I spurting deep into Gina I knew from the look in Brittany’s eyes that she needed to exchange Gina’s tongue for my cock. She needed that now. I knew this would alter…




Ho Ho Ho

By now Brittany had rolled off Gina’s face and watched transfixed as Gina’ legs flailed in the air as I rammed in and out between her long luscious thighs. I could feel her tight bottom whirling and thrusting up to meet my every plunge. With Brittany now splayed back against the headboard my face could meet Gina’s wonderful mouth still emanating with Brittany and finally taste all that her sweet fount had given. Bonus points for the vision of Gina’s dark black hair fanning around her shimmering face had me fucking her hard brazen and boisterously. I felt Gina’s sweet firm breasts press against me as our furious fuck maintained a delicious rhythm. Brittany charms faded as Gina’s cunt enveloped my every attention.


“I thought you,” Gina exhaled hoarsly. “Came!”


I grunted appreciatively.  


I was sweating and panting in a whirl of lathered passion. Grunting like an oarsman while servicing the Mediterranean beauty as she emanated sweet guttural breathy pleasure whines pitched to a frequency that spurred me faster and faster, deeper and deeper into her stretching accepting and all encompassing nethers.


Her slim waist was on a swivel as her long limbs wrapped and her nails scratched in her passion throes. Her lips locked onto my neck and she sucked so hard I knew I would have a hickey. She became part Hoover as they locked again on my neck and she sucked in a a sloppy wet and slurping fashion.


I had not had a hickey in years, and certainly never received one while fucking and bucking for all my worth. Now Brittany was moaning and with a glance I could see her fingers had found purchase of her sweet and neglected pussy. She made a pouting face as if to say, “But I thought it was me you wanted to fuck.” I gave her an encouraging wink and returned to the long resolute fucking of Gina. First things first. After all she let Gina take me to her bedroom while she was busy chatting up our General Manager Ron. I wonder where Ron went?


Gina rolled me with a “Fuck This!” Straddled me and began to examine my still stiff semen and cunt coated cock and started pulling and rubbing it on her stretched and weeping snatch.


“Will you look at this Brit.”  


“Will you look what I am rubbing it on.”


“Will you please take over.”


I could not see Brittany’s reaction because Gina had me flat, prone, and erect in her cupped  hand. All I could see was the ceiling and all I could feel was her soaked slit buried deep in her thick black bush on the bottom of my cock while my balls resided under her dripping cunt. She was still working me roughly like a bar of soap. Rubbing me on her snatch pressing my prick to her most desired places with the precision of an portrait painters oiled up brush.


“He sure seems to like you a lot.” Brittany teased.


“Well tis the season.” Gina sighed, “So it’s your turn to get fucked jolly.”


“Ho Ho Ho,” said I.



Gina was not giving up the controls easily. So Brittany teased the head of me with her pointed little tongue. The side view of Brittany on all fours, her red hair obscuring my view of her tongues delicious work on and around my shaft with teasing little burrows into Gina’s delicious furrows was sensation enough. I enjoyed Brittany’s breast, which held their pleasing round shape even with gravity tugging at them in her doggy position. Her tummy flat and rump raised would have made me wish for a position if her oral delights and Gina’s special clit friction had not made me moan out loud.


I closed my eyes in sweet satisfaction. When they opened again I found two shimmering faces poised behind my extra stiff self both teasing up and down the shaft with flicking licking tongues. Gina’s frizzy black hair a diaphonique veil when she took her turn working mercilessly down me until I felt the back of her throat while Brittany looked on. When freed from Gina’s mouth Brittany brushed Gina’s hair back to reveal my cock shimmering in the low bedroom light.


Taking the challenge and my shimmering knob in her dark red almost maroon  lipsticked mouth Brittany ever so slowly worked her tongue on the very underside of my ponderous bulb, her tongue snaking down my member like a serpent on a sturdy tree limb. Gina, not to be idle found my ball sack irresistible and set about licking the remains of our lust while Brittany adjusted her angle of attack to indulge Gina’s whimsical ball serenade, all the while continuing her sweet descent down on me.


In addition to the oral sensation I was receiving I had the added show of two nimble twenty something year old bodies with rumps upraised and Brittany’s delicacy in clear view as she maneuvered above me increasing angle and access for Gina’s Ball bag sonata.


When Brittany’s long nights journey finally brought her mouth to an end her throat gagged and then Valhalla opened up and I felt my dick slide into her relaxing and accommodating throat which quickly tightened and she began working her way back up with continued tongue enticement, but at a more expedient rate.  Brittany set about the task of fucking me with her mouth in earnest.


Her folds wept from above onto my chest hair and shimmered like diamonds on this winters eve, so I reached for the source and thumbed and fingered her pages into a frenzy which was transmitted to the vim and vigor with which she sucked my cock.


One finger found entrance while my thumb ran sweet circles around her clit and she rewarded me with a building suction and hands flailing up and down the slippery pole between her lips.

Gina’s tongue ran up the under of my prick and the two lovely mouths met in a deep kiss all around mmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………………..


I was coming. Yet I was going. I felt the sperm flowing out of me in fiery thick lumps and savory sauces and saw it covering their lips, face and tongue. I didn’t mean to come on their faces but it was happening. Now? Why confused? Where am I going. I don’t want to go. Not Now. Not.


I woke to find Toni. But no book. Then the whole twenty additional years of marriage slithered into my memory. Slithers were not going to be a problem because sex with Toni was even more nonexistent. In the memories of a twenty year extension of the original fourteen year debacle it became plain that I would be here a while.


A look in the mirror cemented the horror of what an extra decade in a miserable relationship will do to a body. Time was running out to find the notebook. To have an inkling of where I had slithered from and what I was missing faded as I melted into the now. This was the wrong now. The now that never was. I looked helplessly for the notebook until I forgot what the notebook was and what I needed it for until I forgot what I had forgotten and forgot to look.The never was that was the memories that never were of the  contemptible marriage continuation that never should have been washed over me and erased all clues of how to ever return to the right now.


“What are you doing?” I heard Toni ask in her toneless flat Tennessee tinged twang.

I felt the visceral loathing rise up in me at the sound.


It was years before a chance meeting with Tami that my cryptic and phantasmagorical notebook again came into play.



1 – Now When?

Tami Slithers The Future

Yes we rolled around. It was forever. First close order groping, followed by roundabout rubbing, leading to roustabout ransacking until the cloth pants, shirts, boxers, brassiere, and panties succumbed to the Inevitable.


Tami was naked.


I was naked.


She stood up.


She began to arrange the four pillows on the bed. Gibbering crazy demands amid girlish giggles. She placed one sideways. One long ways. Two stacked highways and sideways. But Tami left a gap at the headboard. Tami filled that gap with her head. She spread her long curly chestnut hair symmetrically over the mattress. It mounted and conquered the sideways pillow. It inevitably covered her outstretched arms bunching nicely around her snow colored breasts which contrasted with her deeply tanned skin. Only her brown nipples matched the brown of her belly. I could not wait to fondle those pert snowy globes. Hair placement in order she positioned and pressed her skinny back into the longways pillow. Her hips swiveled. Her ass rode up stacked highway and sideways pillows. Her legs spread wide open. Then Tami jerked her knees to the crooks of her elbows.


She had obviously done this before.


The presentation of splayed Tami took my breath away.


It was then I took note of the glittering bejeweled three part diamond belly bling on her skin so brown. I also had noted the pentagram star tattoos twinkling just below her bikini bottom tan line. Two big ones individually placed strategically above the crease where luscious thigh becomes absorbing abdomen. There they stood watch on pointy star legs over slender thigh gulch. That would be my offensive oral opening this eve if all goes as planned. It seemed more edible in it’s hairless presentation. All parts apparent and pinkly displayed.


All that was strange enough for 1977; but when she began fingering her smooth hairless pussy with her long striped multi colored fingernails I knew I had slithered.


But I am back. I am watching myself crawl on all fours towards her. I see myself pause as my nose hovers over that sweet spot where Tami is slowly flipping through the pages of her folds like she is perusing a book. I know I was thinking. Lick it. Lick it good.


“No!” She says tersely. “I want your cock, not your tongue.”


I continue my crawl and notice from my new found aesthetic separation that she had placed herself perfectly on stacked highway pillows. I watch as her cunt slowly receives my offering. I wish I could slither again so I could feel the wetness. So I could feel the warmth. So I could watch her eyes fill with passion as I fill her with my solid goodness. But I remain aloof. I keep my distance


Only when all pillow order was abandoned and Tami’s head was thrown over the edge of the bed while I furiously fucked her now decidedly wanton, split wide, wet snatch did I realize I had slithered back.


Slithering is as Slithering does.


She is a small woman so I easily raise her rump up with me as I rise to my knees without missing a push, we move through a brief face to face flourish. Her snatch is flowing like a faucet down my thighs. When I lift her by her ass with each retreat I am face to face with her sweet white orbs clearly highlighted by deep brown bikini tan lines. I hold her high on my cock while I relish her delicious brown nipples. My tongue swirling in a spiral on my favorite. Her left breast is mine and her cunt is a waterfall now.


When I release her butt and gravity gives her now orgasming tight twat it’s all over my shaft down to my balls. I come with such force that when she rises untethered by my embracing arms she is shot off my cock like a cannon and sent sprawling onto the floor. Meanwhile I am still coming and spurting wildly all over her, the floor, our discarded crumbled clothes, the carpets, all the way to her dresser which is against the wall. Still I am spurting jizz coating her snowy white breasts and tanned little body for what seems like forever.


I notice that her belly bling is gone. So too are the pentagram tattoos. Her pussy again covered in chestnut hair and the pages of her folds a concealed except for a single pink page sticking out in deluxe distention from our fucking.


She tries to escape my cum spraying cock, but as she rises on all fours in frantic scurry the final syrupy salvo lands square on the small of her back. Seeing that white tail making it’s retreat brings out the prey response in my slithering lizard brain sending it a newly charged message.


By now I may not know when I am fucking Tami but I need to mount her from behind. I need her now. I may have released mass quantities of cum but my willy is still willing. Tami hears my approach and looks up and over her shoulder. Her long curly hair flips magnificently in chestnut colored streamers and the sight of my still erect cock makes her slender arms give out leaving her rump up and ready to receive.


Fortunately I stay long enough to feel her two mango breasts in my hands as I pierce her heavenly thigh gap pressed as tight as she can to raise her hips up to meet the my engorged impaling prick and she wails as I bang in, out, and around her bikini bottom defined tan lined hind quarters.


We were two beasts when I took my final look from my final slither before time went poof.



Oh it was dark. Oh it was oh so wet. From the angle and the poohfectly formed ass and elevations I knew. I knew. But this was no time to call out heedlessly. After all I had been here before. But it felt so poohfect. The way I was sliding. No. Gliding in and out of the wettest, tightest, most poohfect twat terra splitest ever. When she fell forward and off my cock and purred as only she could the elongated syllable Pooooohfect did I know I had landed.




Whenever This Room Was…

Boy this room was dark. Whenever this room was.  The air felt cool as it dried her off my dick. That scent was as unmistakable as her pet name was for me. It was disconcerting that I could not see her. Sight is such an overriding sense in these situations for me. I hear that is a common male bias. But at this time I should no nothing of such things. With Rene it should be a mutual training and exploration time. I know things this time that I should not know and did not know last time around. The urge to show off was prodigious. The mess it could make even more so.

But it was oh so very dark. I could hear her breathing. Sighing. Purring. I led with my hands. Found familiar thighs. Sturdy and long. I spread them and trailed little kisses along the inside of my favorite. Each one with relish. Some with a little tease of tongue. Some without. Her scent grew stronger. She smelled like none have since. She smelled fabulous. She was ripening with each tender lip flick. With each nibble. When my thigh roaming had almost reached the apex at her crossroad I gently opened wide and gave a little full jaw bite and growl. She gave a full core shiver. I knew now that it was a little O. I had no such intimate knowledge then. I had the false belief that women were all or nothing. Just like I was then. But not now.

My nose led me to pay-dirt.  

Even in the daylight her snatch was always concealed by that fine haired blonde fringe. With sheets of darkness surrounding us I would get nary a glimpse this time round either. So I rooted around in the fluffy blond briars until I found the paradise from which I had so recently withdrawn. I raised her tush up in praising palms. Her swale was well furrowed from my previous plowing so I plunged my tongue deep into her melange bowl and slowly wriggled head, tongue, and lips about tossing her salad vigorously; stirring up her own special frothy vinaigrette offering. Spreading it gleefully from thick firm thigh to thick firm thigh with the overflow spreading generously on my cheeks. My hands which were tenderly cradling her magnificent behind were well oiled by now. Forgetting where and when I was; I fortuitously poked my finger into her delicious ass sending my sweet Rene’s rump into a rambunctious tango that had all my senses reeling. Her now turgid twat and clit covered my face like a host hungry alien. A young Rene coming was a visceral event.

I had forgotten how swiftly my body reacted back in those heady frisky days. Overpowered by my twenty four year old hormones which were fermenting nicely with her twenty year old vintage. My decades older psyche was overpowered and my ragingly hard cock spewed forth a prodigious amount of seed in every direction available. Covering sheets, Rene, and all over the well churned point of face to muff contact.

The younger minded me would have been mortified, but this seasoned mind in the exuberant frame just fell between the goalposts of sweet thighs and tender small tits planting fully snatch slathered face to her prim young red rosebud lips of blondy blonde delight. She demurred from my kiss at that time. Today I know women that would be reveling in a celebratory lapping of said bounty that had poured forth from their own private cornucopias. I wish I knew if Rene ever found that special kind of frisky later in her days.

The sudden slither to a lighter later time left me with handfuls of glorious breast, cupped from behind within a full body spoon, that could only be my present day Judy.  




High-Rise Notebook



The recall of former pasts only lasts a few minutes. When the slithers first started I would think they were dreams. Then I would notice things changed while I was away before I no longer noticed. That was when the notebooks began. I started leaving paper and pencil by the bed when I was having sex. It became clear I only slithered away momentarily after I came. But while away time ran for a longer duration, depending apparently on frequency and quality of sex. Away times could be very long indeed. But my returns to what was presently passing for now took turns of unsettling nature. That is until the rubber band of time caught up and the slithers became memories that had always been there. Time critical recollection was key.

I would return sometimes to Judy’s condo with her. Sometimes to my in-law apartment dormer with her. Sometimes in my high rise apartment with her. Worst in my furnished one room apartment, with her. Always with her. Always my notebook was still there. But not always from where I had left. Other than still being nestled inside Judy’s still wet and warm aura from our entwined burning lust.

She could never tell if I had slithered except for when I leapt for the notebook to frantically write before the rubber band of memory snapped into me making all thing just memory. At least until next I slither.

Judy once asked while peeking over my shoulder to see what I was writing, “Where did you go?”

“Why inside you my dear. I left numerous parts of myself swimming about happily.” I quipped.

“What a hopeless and pointless trip they are taking.”

“Well, it’s all about the journey. The destination is besides the point.” I said as she pulled me back into our bed, this time apparently my slither left me planted in my glass walled high rise 25th floor apartment in downtown Chicago. The memory of slithering away from my dormer apartment meant this slither had placed me in this string before it all was natural and right as it had always been.

“A joyous trip each and every time.” Said I.

Judy looked magnificent in the early morning light. The sun rising over Lake Michigan gave her light blonde hair a halo glow and gossamer shimmer. This timeline was one of affluence. Things had gone well financially. Judy was partially cover by expensive sleepwear finery. Her uncovered parts were glorious. I felt her breasts trace their way down my stomach riding gracefully on her erect nipples. Her mouth slowly taking me in with a brief tongue swirling  flourish.

Fortunately affluence still had not robbed me of Judy’s favorite morning ritual. Apparently a sort of way about her that allowed her to pleasure herself while pleasuring her man, and occasional woman, with a feverish grinding of her nether region on her object de felate’s leg while giving the most spectacular head I have ever received. Her blonde hair tickling my stomach as her mouth gave oral pleasure for the ages.

As Judy was a swift serial orgasmer demanding quick delivery I was often conflicted between coming too soon and coming too late. The ladies deliver option du jour was to release my cock from her manipulating maw and stroke me to testicle tearing climax all over her glorious tits.

“I like when you come back from a slither and are able to deliver such a load only minutes after your last offering.” She daintily licked my remaining offerings of her finely manicured nails.

By now memories of my travel were non existent.

As I had stated previously most often I would return to Judy.  

Until I didn’t.  

That fact made this last slither of mine rank utmost in importance and significance only surpassed by the fact it put my next in jeopardy as well as into question of ever occurring.



December 4

Oh my God. Everything was so warm and wet and wonderful down there. I never felt so delicious. It was like a warm lapping surf writhing it’s way up my spine and all over my body. Branching out in squivers, quivers and trembling nerve ends. I looked down and there was Donna’s face buried between my upraised knees. But what was she doing down there moving her head side to side like that. I just know I did not want her to stop. Above Donna’s upraised rump was Robin. A fierce smirk on her face as she seemingly pumped into Donna. But with what?  Her small flat chest was glowing with red splotches from her exertions. She had one hand on each of Donna’s butt cheeks and spread them roughly on each forward thrust. Why she was mounting Donna just as I had mounted Rene last night.




I awoke soaking in the tub. I had drawn the bath after my last journal entry and climbed in while she was still snoozing in bed. I must have dozed off. Now I turned my head and there was Rene’s sweet blond fringed muff right at eye level. I peeked up to her smiling down at me. Her straight blond hair fringing a great big smile and flowed over her small breasts.


“Look at you.” she proclaimed. “Fucked me silly the past two days and still ready for more.” I followed her eyes to where she was looking  and I as indeed in up periscope mode.


She poured her favorite bath salts in the tub, I ran more hot water and she joined me. We soaped, played, and teased ourselves clean. We repaired to the bed where I did not fuck her silly. I licked her silly instead. As my tongue moved through her delicately scented pink curtained snatch  the scent of bath salts gave way to the more powerful Ode de Rene. She writhed and clutched the dampening sheets as she came with the force of a young blond volcano.


She almost seemed ashamed when she regained her senses, but then whispered in my ear, “Pooh. We need to talk.”


“You have to get back in school now. Don’t get me wrong. Your body is muscular and sexy from this manual labor, and I swear even your thingy seems bigger. But I am thinking about the future. Your future. Our future.”


My answer was easy. “Tomorrow is Monday. I’ll let Sheldon know I am going back to school and he will need to replace me full time.  I’ll offer to work part time around my school schedule. But my degree will be number one.”


Rene hugged me, kissed me, straddled me and rode upon me harder and longer than she ever had. Watching her sweat and toil as she feverishly worked her big ass up and down the length of my “bigger thingy” made me sure the future was as bright as could be. As I played with and tweaked her stiff protruding nipples that tipped her small round breasts she made noises I had never heard issue from her delicate slender throat, and her final violent climax of the weekend ended in a howling cacophony of yelps and yabbers as well as a few sobs and tears.


So today I marched into Sheldon’s office. Sheldon needed to know first. He was the owner and one of the few original people from when I began working there and he deserved to hear it from me first. I gave notice. He thanked me for the longer than usual lead time so he could replace me, made his usual pitch that he liked me, I was a hard worker, an asset, and I always had a future in his company in the sales department if school did not work out. We shook hands and I agreed to train my replacement. Sheldon said “Great, because we got so big so fast I have no idea what goes on back there in the warehouse anymore.”


He had that right. He had no idea.


When I walked out of the his office all the women were clucking like hens. Office and shop workers alike.


Ms. Spain,  Karen was having a baby.


Oh my.

Last Rides of Samhain

Pop Memo_2018-12-01-11-49-56

To say bewilderment was upon me would be an understatement. Herself unburdened by the journal she now had two hands free to roam. After all, idle hands are you know who’s playground. Tami untucks my formerly girded loins giving those deft little fingers of hers unbridled access. JoJo just watches. I lean back and feel the pleasure rising up my spine like the mercury in an old school thermometer heading for a fever of a hundred and three. Tami’s little hands work there way around my seething cock, The Leather nun leaves her full leather habit on, but lifts her skirts as she mounts the machine. Full white thighs on display glimmer under the single bulb. Memories of my youthful clinging to full thick womanly thighs and the scent of an office chair leather wash over me in a tsunami of lust.

My senses spilleth over with her revelation of shimmering black bush amid blinding white thighs. Tami ‘s hands and JoJo’s eyes upon me are but grace notes in this symphony of sensations. The bush revealing prominent pink nubbin and cleaved delight spread to admit the business end of the Luddites Lament Machine and disappears into The Leather Nun. The pink gash is spread and Annie’s clitoris seems to sneer at me as it had so many years ago. From this distance I can see it throb. No. I feel it throb.

I watch as The Nun falls forward to allow full contact with the studded vibrating pad. Tami’s hand becomes as slick as Annie’s cunt. I am in Tami’s little fist inside Annie. Annie’s blue eyes become pale as she leans closer to me riding the machine as if it were a broom. I am sliding down in my chair. I am melting . I am dizzy. Grand mal dizzy. Swallow my tongue discombobulated. Little Bo Peep supports me cupping my right buttock. Tami clutches my shaft still stroking all lubed to a lather, but slips her other hand under and cups my balls. I feel the lube collecting in her testicle cradling hand. I am panting. Palpitating in a whirlwind of senseless senselessness.

A mouth engulfs my cock. Annie’s blue eyes look up at me just the way they did during every office blow job she’d blessed me with. Free of her mouth now her pointed tongue plays on the altar of my volcanic pre-cum tipped lingam. Her eyes watch, her tongue plays. Gratitude washes over me as her saliva slowly seeps into and over my length. My cocks head is near bursting. Little Bo Peeps finger tests my anus.

I missed a transition somewhere amid The Leather Nuns oral tease. I do not remember her dismount. I will never forget Brunhilda’s mount.

“Ho Jo To Ho!” I hear echoing up from her in the rafters.

Brunhilde was riding the machine in all her corpulent Teutonic splendor. With spear raised high above her head I had no idea who was running the controls on the machine for her. From the sounds it was making I believe all dials were set to eleven. Dynamo hum was deafening.

Yodeling like an operatic Valkyrie her songs are not angelic. Her flesh was prodigious, set in motion upon the groaning machine. All her flesh is quivering, layer upon layer was kinetic. Her potential was bursting forth out of armored breastplate revealing tattooing so extensive it was armor in itself. Layers of intricately drawn feathers and runes that had been hidden for years were revealed upon her expansive breasts, curved stomach perched upon prodigious tattooed thighs and all was motion. Ms. Spain was being magnificently fucked from here to Valhalla. Miraculously I am fucking Brunhilde’s cunt. Annie’s mouth. Tami’s fist. All for once. All at once. JoJo’s finger goes second knuckle deep up my butt. For all of time. Everything blinks black. Immediately blinks white.

I am looking up at bare rafters. I am on my back. I am on the feather-bed platform. I am being mercilessly fucked. I should be looking up Brunhilde’s back side. My dead reckoning tells me I should be getting a gander at voluminous woman back side in reverse cowgirl fashion , But lo and behold it is no longer the tattooed once and former Karen dressed as a fabled warrior. I see a glowing translucent blond. So white as to be near transparent. Still reverse cowgirl, but I immediately recognize a ghostly Cathy. The late Cathy. White spectral Cathy. I am being ridden by a woman who has been relieved of her mortal coil for a decade or so, but I know her heart shaped rump. I feel myself inside her. I see the swaying half globes of her breasts revealed along her side. Under her arms. I am in the humming electric shaking shivering vibrating throes of prolonged and astounding orgasm. Not spurting spending fiery flow of seed but quivering rippling rolling orgasm. It goes on wave after wave after wave. I am undone. I long to see Cathy’s beatific countenance smile back at me. Mount me face to face but I am helplessly cumming apart.

When I wake I am a damp, spent, frayed, shredded wrung out clammy wash towel sprawled next to a content as a kitten curled up JoJo. We are in her bedroom. I see a Journal on the nightstand. But I need more sleep, and fall back into forgetful fitful slumber.

Tomorrow’s another day.

Ellen Joy

Ricky and I were out in the parking lot playing our version of handball. Really it was just slapping a tennis ball against the factory wall and keeping a pseudo type of tennis score. Boy it was hot that day. One of those steamy August days in Chicago. As usual Donna and Annie were sitting on the shipping dock watching us spend our lunch hour running around working up a sweat. At nineteen years old neither Ricky nor I had a clue why these two 40 something women would watch us so intently, or had any idea of the thoughts that were going through their heads. Call us naive.

We all worked for an advertising specialty company, Ricky and I were shipping clerks, and Annie and Donna were engravers, silk screeners, and general production staff. It was a small company run by Sheldon Roth.

Ricky and I were in full lather, our shirtless muscled young man bodies running and pounding the tennis ball into the wall when Ellen Joy, the freelance artist sauntered out onto the loading dock. Ellen Joy was in her thirties, the Bohemian artist type sporting a floppy sun hat, a sheer peasant blouse over tight jean shorts and lace up sandals. Not usual business attire, but with a long relationship as company artist casual was acceptable. Ellen Joy was a five foot five enigma to me. She had straight black hair  cropped in a 1970’s feather cut with bangs that swept seductively over her left eye. Perfect olive skin, well formed breasts that stood up proudly in the often bra-less state she sported under sheer white blouses. You could detect large brown nipples under the fabric. With my limited experience of skinny blondes and red headed Irish girls, those nipples were an endless focus of my attention. Ellen Joy knew that. She would always give  me a big smile with her prominent white teeth couched in soft full lips as she bounced through the dock on her way to meet with Sheldon. But that was only a preview of the best part. It was the full round buttocks that would wiggle through the loading dock that would grab Ricky,s and my eyes like super glue when she would pass through.


On this day she sent a big smile in our direction and slowly looked us up and down with a leer that I never knew a woman could pitch,  punctuated with a wink in our direction, Since it was at a distance Ricky and I would argue the rest of the afternoon over who it was meant for.

First thing next morning Sheldon had an assignment for me. Apparently Ellen Joy had forgotten the product sample she needed for her design work and I was to deliver it to her studio at precisely eleven AM. The time was made clear to me , twice.

I was at Ellen Joys door at eleven on the dot. Ellen Joy’s studio was actually her apartment so I was a little shy, but very curious to see how a thirty year old Bohemian lived. The door opened and there was Ellen Joy, hair wet and blacker than usual but still seductively straight and provocatively swept over her left eye.  She had a blue satin robe loosely draped over her fragrant freshly showered body. I stammered a few apologies for being too early even though I knew I was not.  She put me at ease quickly by waving me on in and closing the door behind her. The view of her round booty was exceptional in that rather sheer robe as she led me into the room. When she turned to receive my delivery her robe was perched perilously close to slipping beyond those extraordinary areolas I had fantasized about endlessly.

With product in her hand held up to the light of the large apartment windows she gave me a tantalizing view of her bodies silhouette under the flowing robe. My youthful exuberance let out an audible sigh.

When Ellen Joy turned she said “I am going to need your assistance for a few moments. Can you pitch in for the company?”

“Of course,” I said quickly and eagerly not really knowing what I was agreeing to, but since the front of the robe was now revealing the dark brown edge of one of those brown desire disks that tipped a goodly portion of Ellen Joy’s left boob, I would have agreed to almost anything at that point.

“I need you to photograph something to reference as a font style I am thinking of using. I have tried but I cannot get focus or proper angle for my needs.” With that she handed me a simple camera. I was momentarily disappointed that  she really needed me to do something rather than the sex fantasy my little monkey brain had instantly cooked up.

But hope sprang eternal as did my erection. She turned and lowered the robe revealing her bareback, tiny black thong, and a tattoo above her bulbous bountiful booty. Ellen Joy looked over her shoulder to see the look on my face and then explained. “If you look real close at my tattoo and stop looking at my ass you will see that it is made up of very tiny script. I need you to get a clear picture for my art reference. If you do a good job on that, and you are a good boy, maybe I’ll show you my tits.” For emphasis Ellen Joy had demurred and wrapped her arms to cover her breasts .

Being a good scout, I put the lens close to the tattoo and indeed it was made up of very small characters. Of course rather than marveling at the skill of the tattoo artist I was enjoying the scent of this freshly showered Italian beauty.

I took a couple of shots with the Polaroid and let the photos develop in the apartments sunlight. Once satisfied I showed her my work.

“Good job,” she exclaimed and pirouetted around while raising her arms high above her head.  She struck a pose that displayed her perfect pair of large brown nipple crowned boobs with salacious delight. I basked in the vision of the straight black hair that framed her features,  her flawless tanned bareness, and full womanly hips.  Ellen Joy approached me and ran her arm along the ridge of my broad shoulders. My hand caressed her hip as I greedily reached for a handful of her firm round ass. Ellen Joy whispered in my ear, “Now see if you can write me a story with your tongue in that tattoo font so I can really feel it”

With that Ellen Joy pushed down on my shoulders bringing me to my knees as  as I pulled her thong to her ankles leaving me face to face with her full retro nineteen seventies Italian black bush in my face. She draped one of her legs over my shoulders which opened the moist pink rose beneath the furry fringe. As my tongue made slow sweeping motions across the slick palette of Ellen Joy’s cunt I wrote of desires I had never told any girl before, but Ellen being a women understood. As I worshiped at her moist curly black haired altar with my young and resolute tongue I heard her say breathlessly “I think I am going to need you for the rest of the afternoon. Let me call Sheldon, He’ll understand.”

Little Red Rides Samhain With Hood

sketch-1543506564472Little Red’s peasant blouse was already unbuttoned as she stood before The Leather Nun’s delight cart.  She removed the flowing crimson peasant dress but still her breasts were partially concealed by the red hood and cape combo she wore. Still a peek a pert small womanly breasts were shared and the mature hips of a petite woman were exposed as the flouncy dress dropped revealing a compact but pleasing body.  Matured to perfection.


I watched as her tiny hands ran over the cock selection. It was hard to tell with such small hands but she seemed to select quite a large instrument for one so tiny. She compensated with lots of lube. As she slathered it on I could imagine those small hands slathering me with that slick concoction.  It was as if I was immersing in her experience. Still her face was obscured by the black sheer veil she wore under her red hood.


My eyes were glued as her petite stature made her mounting the gleaming black Sybian a bit of an acrobatic feat.  While JoJo merely had to rise up on her long dancer’s legs, the combination of large dildoage and Little Red Riding Hood’s shorter limbs made it necessary for her to balance on her haunches and rise precariously to position her instrument of pleasure where she desired it most. But once there her precipitous drop unto the phallus looming below her made me shiver just imagining such an abrupt and deep penetration.


Oh I felt it.


So much so that when her fall from grace completed an “Oh Yes !” exclaimed from my throat. All the eyes in the room turned to me. Only the purr of the Sybian broke that spell and Little Hood was again front stage and center of attraction. The Leather Nun was working the machine controls like a mystic maestro and Little Hood was grinding and vibrating to the tune of the beast which was now growling between her spread thighs. Her black veil was revealing her face as her hood was falling revealing her a face in full throes of her rising passion.


Clearly this was indeed Tami. But the look on her face was not the demure young woman ‘O” face of my distant memories. This was the face of a woman devouring he orgasm. Letting it take her away to realms she could not even imagine back in our days.  She was up and bouncing on the machine in such a manner I was not sure if the machine would break her or if she would break the machine. Any trace of baby fat had melted away. She was now a sinewy and strapping mature women. Her small snow globe sized breasts had kept gravity at bay and bounced joyously as she fucked machine and machine fucked her. Symbiosis and syncopation had met half way and she exploded in a stream of squirt that also was unheard of back in our days.


Ohh I felt that too. Like she was flowing all over my lap. Had I come under my loincloth watching this display. JoJo was looking up at me wide eyed now with her soft cheek still resting on my bare thigh. Was that a smirk or a smile revealed on her lips. Tami was being assisted off la machina. Leather Nun had one arm. Brunhilda had the other. Once off the feather bed platform Tami, naked save for unfurled  hood sauntered toward me only pausing to pick up her picnic basket that had accessorized her costume.


She was still a sight. This time I enjoyed her full frontal presentation rather than all my secret leering at her behind all those years ago. She reached into her basket and pulled out what appeared to be a journal. Aged and weathered by time she held it out to me . “You forgot this last time I saw you.” For the life of me I could not imagine when that would have been. Nor did I ever recall having such a journal. I was ready to go into full denial, but as if reading my mind she opened it to a page and clearly it was in my hand writing from the days back when I wrote things by hand.  To dark in this room to read it now, she just smiled as I took it, braced herself with an introductory hand on my left thigh, and lowered herself to bookend me with JoJo. Trick and Treat.




Another Friday slinging boxes at the warehouse. We had a lot of orders to pick and get out before UPS showed up at the end of the day. Usually nothing provoked more anxiety in Ricky and I than to see one of the sales staff in the warehouse late Friday. Often that meant they had just made a sale and would demand getting a new order out quickly to impress their new sales prey. No sales person in the place struck me as more predatory than Tasha. She was a sleek five foot six, slender torsoed blond with a luscious rounded bottom. Whether in jeans or a flowing dress her bottom was tops. She had short curly blond bobbed hair that could only be described as fluffy. Often it fluttered about her face obscuring her right eye while her other eye would slyly size you up. To me she was the personification of the idiom of the times. Foxy.

This Friday afternoon she was particularly so. She approached me slowly, almost panther like, not dressed for business success but in Friday night party attire. The slit down the front of her black dress plunged between her small well rounded breasts. Since her tits were too small for cleavage the slit revealed an astounding amount of exploitable territory between her pleasure peaks.

“ I need to ask you a question about an item back here in section J, Peter.”  With a provocative crook of her finger and cock of her head she marched into the aisle. I followed behind and admired how the fabric of that black dress danced about her ass as she lead me into the labyrinth of towering warehouse shelves.

When we had travel nearly to the back of the warehouse Tasha abruptly stopped causing me to bump into her heavenly backside. That was not the first time that had happened and was certainly not the last.

A half hour after a discrete rubbing from her skirted butt pressing against my jeaned groin in the warehouse aisles we were in Annie’s office, Tasha’s skirt flipped up over her back, panties long gone and her face buried in Annie’s snatch. Annie’s eyes were glassy with lust as she intently watch my young and well muscled midsection doing marvelous maneuvers within and without Tasha’s twat.  Activities that were only obscured from her view by Tasha’s upraised tush.

When Annie and Tasha would go out on the town, Annie would let me do everything but fuck her.

“Don’t want to serve a fine gentleman another man’s leavings.” Annie would regally pronounce. “At least not the first time I am with him.”

Like I said. Annie was posh.

Sometime Tasha would join in the Friday Night Follies warm up. Today Tasha led the plunge into Friday night. Tasha would let me fuck her. Tasha said that was what douches were for. I was never sure if she was referring to me or not.

As I did my disco dance, slamming rhythmically into Tasha’s sopping hot pussy, I enjoyed the view of Annie, splayed on her desk, dress dropped half mast revealing her bountiful ski jump sloped breasts and growing nipples encouraged by Tasha’s tongue ministrations. Tasha’s mouth howled into Annie’s tunnel as her cunt clenched about my furiously spurting cock. We collapsed in a heap onto Annie’s managerial desktop.

All I know is they would be two very wound up, full tilt disco dancing babes when they went out those nights. They seemed invigorated, while I would feel spent and sleepy. Disco was never my thing, but I was always happy to explore under the flowing dancing skirts of those two women.

Rene was happy those nights too. Friday date night often ended at my place. As we fell asleep in each others arms all sweaty and spent she would coo into my ear, “You lasted soooo long tonight Pooh.”