Clickbait / The Mill Behind

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He guides me off of him. He flips me over. He grabs my hips. He raises me to all fours. He pushes my shoulders to the mat. He enters me from behind. He grinds into me. My breasts are rhythmically smushed to the mattress.

My my visual offering to him, full side boob splendor flowing out from under olive skinned shoulders with arms stretched out clutching a fist full of sweat softened sheets. We’ve work up a sweat fucking. My nipples harden against the moist sheets of his bed. My ass raised high to meet his rhythmic thrusts as he fills me again and again.

“So remember you said, do what you want with me?” I hear him say through the fog of my orgasms.

I mumbled into the pillows. “Uh hum.”

I hear the drawer of his night stand glide open and some fumbling around. To accomplish this he has pushed deeper inside me, but his long reach allows him to find what he desired while our connection remains. A little ripple runs through me in anticipation. Since this is my first time here I have no idea what a man like him has in his drawers. Anticipation makes me wetter still as I remain filled with his throbbing totem.

The only sound in the room now was our breathing and his palms rubbing together behind me.

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