Click Bait / Classmates

There was a time I thought it might be a good idea to keep up with those that had passed through the revolving door that is my life.

Although I long ago dissuaded my self of such delusions; at that time I did sign up on Classmates © ® ™ and subscribed.

Then I had the epiphany that the people I wanted to keep in touch with I still had in my life, but as for the rest I asked the question, “Do I really want to go down those long surrendered paths?”

No good answer followed.

But after canceling, unsubscribing, marking as spam, I would still get the occasional e-mail asking, ” How do you remember Whosits, or Whatsherface?” and other such calls to action to let Classmates © ® ™ back in my wallet.

Then one day my inbox shows yet another pitch e-mail from the web site Classmates © ® ™ with the headline. “Pete, How do you remember Pam?”

Immediately I thought, “Shaking her pom poms while sweating and moaning with every thrust of my hips.” Ahhh Sweet Sweet Pammie.

While I reveled in the memory I still did not resubscribe to Classmates © ® ™.

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