2. Debbie Do

2 Fist Full of Edits


When I arrived home that evening I had forgotten that Rene was going to be there. Rene was familiar with the hours my job had me keep so no questions were asked. However I had to be mindful that Debbie’s saliva and my come may still be obvious on my dick so it was time to be proactive.


Rene was the complete opposite of Debbie. Five foot nine, with a large heart shaped ass, and small perfectly formed tits with nipples that became very long and erect with the slightest attention. She rose from her chair and said, “Long day huh. Let me fix you a drink.” As she walked to the bar I saw my chance. Rene had showered and was wearing my light blue robe. While she started pouring I moved behind her and reached around cupping her perfect little breasts in my hands. Her nipples grew between my fingers as I laid gentle kisses down her long luxurious neck. I knew my assignment.


Step one. Slide one hand down the length of her slim stomach and start getting her tight little pussy ready. As I felt her glorious ass start to rub against my cock causing it to stiffen Rene said, “Well I’m so glad to see they didn’t wear you out totally at the office.” As she finished preparing my cocktail I moved my other hand reluctantly from her flawless tit and undid my trousers. I pushed her gently forward on the bar, flipped her robe up and began running the enormous knob on the head of my cock gently between the sweet lips of her already dripping cunt. I teased the edges of her pussy with a slow entry splitting open that heaven’s gate with the bulbous head of my appendage.

“OK, fuck me now you asshole,” Rene murmured between gasps.


Step two. I rammed the full length of my cock deep into Rene. Any evidence was now covered in Rene’s sweet flow.


Mission accomplished.



Rene reaped the benefits in many ways from my earlier encounter with Debbie. I gazed down lovingly at Rene’s sweet heart shaped rump while I drove and angled deep into her. Yet my mind wandered. Thoughts of what Debbie’s tiny olive hued derriere would look like in this pose would arise. Sure Debbie’s shorter stature might make this a more challenging encounter, but it could offer new angles as well. The thought just made me harder. As my hands reached around to cup Rene’s small breasts I couldn’t help but muse what it would be like to have Debbie’s enormous melons in my mitts. But then I would see Rene’s beautiful blond mane spread across her back and the dusky Debbie would fade from my thoughts. My previous full wet orgasm down Debbie’s throat allowed Rene and I to shudder and shiver in entwined ecstasy throughout the night sharing numerous spine wrenching orgasms.


Though I had yet to gaze upon a fully naked Debbie, visions of her would haunt me through this weekend spent with Rene. As I would peer up from between Rene’s long white thighs my mind would wander to what that scenario would look like with Debbie’s massive breasts heaving with rising passion. I wondered what Debbie would taste, sound, and be like. But such fleeting thoughts would just drive me further and further into Rene’s blond fringed treasures.


As we passed that Sunday afternoon with Rene’s tongue running around the knob of my cock, her long blond hair covering the scene as she took me deep down her throat; I found myself reminiscing of the scene Debbie portrayed doing the same thing to me back at my office. The view I had of that encounter due to Debbie’s short black hair left the sight of her mouth devouring me between her sucking lips unobstructed. But now I marveled at the ease with which Rene could get the knob deep in her throat


Monday would be back to work. Monday would be Debbie. That thought had me grasp Rene under her arms, lift her up and toss her on to the bed. She looked startled, her blue eyes wide with questions. As I looked down at her lithe slender body my lust was boundless. Her tall perfect shape stretched out before me. Her long legs. Her nubile breasts topped with erect nipples. Her long straight blond hair.  Her delicate facial features were all any man could desire. I mounted her with thighs pressed against my stomach, calves over my shoulders, and fucked Rene and only Rene for the rest of the evening. Rene was wide eyed with wonder as I furiously plunged in and out. This was a fucking like when we first met. Thrusting, swirling, bucking hips meeting smashing thrusts. I was panting. She was shrieking. I was growling as she yowled beneath me. I grabbed her junoesque ass and pummeled it with my driving hips burying my engorged member deep into Rene’s streaming cunt. When we came together we both came in quarts, liters, gallons, buckets, rivers, yes oceans of syrupy sluice. The spewing spasms were endless as our au jus mixed and rejoiced as one. The sheets and we were sopping with our lust.


The next day at work I had a nonstop roomful of clients. Debbie would come by and check on our progress throughout the day. She was wearing a bright blue single piece dress which as always was short enough to highlight her sturdy legs, and cut low enough to accentuate her well endowed bust. Male and female clients always delight when Debbie enters the room. She was efficient, pleasant, and always professional. But she never missed an opportunity to lean over my flatbed editing table to give me a glimpse of those amazing breasts. The clients liked it too. Today there was an extra gleam in her eye after Fridays festivities.


The day seemed to go on forever. Splicing and changing then changing some more. As usual by end of business we were back to where we started on the cut. Now the clients liked it because it was theirs. But the day was billed in full and that is always good. The clients cleared out and I was addressing a list of niggles which they would return to view in the morning.


I was cutting away when Debbie strolled in and asked if she could watch.


“Sure.” I said, and hoped I could keep my distraction at bay long enough to finish the changes. Debbie took a seat at the back of the room on a couch and I kept working and got lost in the task at hand.


After a while I heard an exhalation from behind me and swiveled on my chair to see Debbie with her feet adorned in come fuck me pumps up on the coffee table, while she reclined on the couch with her knees splayed wide and four of her fingers buried in her pussy. I started to rise to lend a helping hand but she barked through leaden breath,     ”Keep working. Just keep cutting.”


I swiveled back around, but it was highly unlikely that I would get anything done. I just kind of rolled the film back and forth on the flat bed and tried to concentrate. Meanwhile I could hear Debbie’s breathing coming faster and heavier, with little groans emitting from deep in her chest.


“Fine,” she moaned, “If your not going to cut then show it to me.”


I turned back and asked, ”Show you what? This beer commercial?”


“No you bastard, that huge knob on the end of your spindly little dick.” she blurted.


Well I just burst out laughing because I loved hearing that come out of her normally polite and courteous mouth.


“Show me your tits first.” I bargained.


“You show me your dick now or you’ll never see these babies.” She threatened with hitching breath as she was working her thumb in addition to the four fingers up her snatch. Her hand was glistening in the low editing room light. I dropped my drawers and needless to say my spindly cock was hard and standing upright. I looked down at it and didn’t think it looked that spindly. But that huge apple on the end has always more than compensated for any perceived lack of girth elsewhere along its shaft. Debbie gasped at the sight of the orb and her hand slid in her to the second knuckles.


“Did you think of me while you were fucking Rene this weekend.” she asked with a low moan.


“Yes I did.”


“Well I thought about you too. Now sit your skinny ass down and show me how you fuck your hand,” she commanded as she exhaled and clenched her jaw tight. I loved the line of her jaw. There was something strong about it’s square shape that was perfectly accented by her short black hair. I could see she kept the black hair well tended around her nearly fist filled cunt too. As she moaned and worked her hand ever deeper into herself I noticed she was not only watching my cock as I stroked myself, but her eyes had moved down to my prosthetic leg.


“Where is that cut off at,” she asked?


Talking about my amputation started  to make me go a little soft, but I told her, “At the ankle.”


“I heard they sewed what was left of the heel over the ankle, is that true”, she asked while still pummeling her pussy with deep thrusts as her whole hand began to disappear inside her.


“Yep,” I said, while intently watching this little sweaty package groaning as she worked her hand further up her twat.


With that her whole body tensed and shivered and she gave out a long guttural howl and collapsed on the couch breathing heavily. I watched enthralled as her hands fell to her sides leaving me with the full panorama of her splayed beaver. I was about to rise because I wanted more than anything to bury my tongue between her thighs, but Debbie collected herself quickly, pulled her dress down and walked towards me. As she passed she ran her still moist hand up the underside of my balls and cock, wiped the pre come off the knob with her finger tip and said, “ I owe you one now.” Then she placed her finger in her mouth and walked out of the room.


I just sat there for a moment with my dick in my hand and wondered what to do next. But I had a smile on my face.


Author: Pete Symes

Purveyor of paralogical compliance to verbally mediated reality, artisanal smut, with a pinch of full time flâneur tossed in to taste.

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