1 – Now When?

Tami Slithers The Future

Yes we rolled around. It was forever. First close order groping, followed by roundabout rubbing, leading to roustabout ransacking until the cloth pants, shirts, boxers, brassiere, and panties succumbed to the Inevitable.


Tami was naked.


I was naked.


She stood up.


She began to arrange the four pillows on the bed. Gibbering crazy demands amid girlish giggles. She placed one sideways. One long ways. Two stacked highways and sideways. But Tami left a gap at the headboard. Tami filled that gap with her head. She spread her long curly chestnut hair symmetrically over the mattress. It mounted and conquered the sideways pillow. It inevitably covered her outstretched arms bunching nicely around her snow colored breasts which contrasted with her deeply tanned skin. Only her brown nipples matched the brown of her belly. I could not wait to fondle those pert snowy globes. Hair placement in order she positioned and pressed her skinny back into the longways pillow. Her hips swiveled. Her ass rode up stacked highway and sideways pillows. Her legs spread wide open. Then Tami jerked her knees to the crooks of her elbows.


She had obviously done this before.


The presentation of splayed Tami took my breath away.


It was then I took note of the glittering bejeweled three part diamond belly bling on her skin so brown. I also had noted the pentagram star tattoos twinkling just below her bikini bottom tan line. Two big ones individually placed strategically above the crease where luscious thigh becomes absorbing abdomen. There they stood watch on pointy star legs over slender thigh gulch. That would be my offensive oral opening this eve if all goes as planned. It seemed more edible in it’s hairless presentation. All parts apparent and pinkly displayed.


All that was strange enough for 1977; but when she began fingering her smooth hairless pussy with her long striped multi colored fingernails I knew I had slithered.


But I am back. I am watching myself crawl on all fours towards her. I see myself pause as my nose hovers over that sweet spot where Tami is slowly flipping through the pages of her folds like she is perusing a book. I know I was thinking. Lick it. Lick it good.


“No!” She says tersely. “I want your cock, not your tongue.”


I continue my crawl and notice from my new found aesthetic separation that she had placed herself perfectly on stacked highway pillows. I watch as her cunt slowly receives my offering. I wish I could slither again so I could feel the wetness. So I could feel the warmth. So I could watch her eyes fill with passion as I fill her with my solid goodness. But I remain aloof. I keep my distance


Only when all pillow order was abandoned and Tami’s head was thrown over the edge of the bed while I furiously fucked her now decidedly wanton, split wide, wet snatch did I realize I had slithered back.


Slithering is as Slithering does.


She is a small woman so I easily raise her rump up with me as I rise to my knees without missing a push, we move through a brief face to face flourish. Her snatch is flowing like a faucet down my thighs. When I lift her by her ass with each retreat I am face to face with her sweet white orbs clearly highlighted by deep brown bikini tan lines. I hold her high on my cock while I relish her delicious brown nipples. My tongue swirling in a spiral on my favorite. Her left breast is mine and her cunt is a waterfall now.


When I release her butt and gravity gives her now orgasming tight twat it’s all over my shaft down to my balls. I come with such force that when she rises untethered by my embracing arms she is shot off my cock like a cannon and sent sprawling onto the floor. Meanwhile I am still coming and spurting wildly all over her, the floor, our discarded crumbled clothes, the carpets, all the way to her dresser which is against the wall. Still I am spurting jizz coating her snowy white breasts and tanned little body for what seems like forever.


I notice that her belly bling is gone. So too are the pentagram tattoos. Her pussy again covered in chestnut hair and the pages of her folds a concealed except for a single pink page sticking out in deluxe distention from our fucking.


She tries to escape my cum spraying cock, but as she rises on all fours in frantic scurry the final syrupy salvo lands square on the small of her back. Seeing that white tail making it’s retreat brings out the prey response in my slithering lizard brain sending it a newly charged message.


By now I may not know when I am fucking Tami but I need to mount her from behind. I need her now. I may have released mass quantities of cum but my willy is still willing. Tami hears my approach and looks up and over her shoulder. Her long curly hair flips magnificently in chestnut colored streamers and the sight of my still erect cock makes her slender arms give out leaving her rump up and ready to receive.


Fortunately I stay long enough to feel her two mango breasts in my hands as I pierce her heavenly thigh gap pressed as tight as she can to raise her hips up to meet the my engorged impaling prick and she wails as I bang in, out, and around her bikini bottom defined tan lined hind quarters.


We were two beasts when I took my final look from my final slither before time went poof.



Oh it was dark. Oh it was oh so wet. From the angle and the poohfectly formed ass and elevations I knew. I knew. But this was no time to call out heedlessly. After all I had been here before. But it felt so poohfect. The way I was sliding. No. Gliding in and out of the wettest, tightest, most poohfect twat terra splitest ever. When she fell forward and off my cock and purred as only she could the elongated syllable Pooooohfect did I know I had landed.




Whenever This Room Was…

Boy this room was dark. Whenever this room was.  The air felt cool as it dried her off my dick. That scent was as unmistakable as her pet name was for me. It was disconcerting that I could not see her. Sight is such an overriding sense in these situations for me. I hear that is a common male bias. But at this time I should no nothing of such things. With Rene it should be a mutual training and exploration time. I know things this time that I should not know and did not know last time around. The urge to show off was prodigious. The mess it could make even more so.

But it was oh so very dark. I could hear her breathing. Sighing. Purring. I led with my hands. Found familiar thighs. Sturdy and long. I spread them and trailed little kisses along the inside of my favorite. Each one with relish. Some with a little tease of tongue. Some without. Her scent grew stronger. She smelled like none have since. She smelled fabulous. She was ripening with each tender lip flick. With each nibble. When my thigh roaming had almost reached the apex at her crossroad I gently opened wide and gave a little full jaw bite and growl. She gave a full core shiver. I knew now that it was a little O. I had no such intimate knowledge then. I had the false belief that women were all or nothing. Just like I was then. But not now.

My nose led me to pay-dirt.  

Even in the daylight her snatch was always concealed by that fine haired blonde fringe. With sheets of darkness surrounding us I would get nary a glimpse this time round either. So I rooted around in the fluffy blond briars until I found the paradise from which I had so recently withdrawn. I raised her tush up in praising palms. Her swale was well furrowed from my previous plowing so I plunged my tongue deep into her melange bowl and slowly wriggled head, tongue, and lips about tossing her salad vigorously; stirring up her own special frothy vinaigrette offering. Spreading it gleefully from thick firm thigh to thick firm thigh with the overflow spreading generously on my cheeks. My hands which were tenderly cradling her magnificent behind were well oiled by now. Forgetting where and when I was; I fortuitously poked my finger into her delicious ass sending my sweet Rene’s rump into a rambunctious tango that had all my senses reeling. Her now turgid twat and clit covered my face like a host hungry alien. A young Rene coming was a visceral event.

I had forgotten how swiftly my body reacted back in those heady frisky days. Overpowered by my twenty four year old hormones which were fermenting nicely with her twenty year old vintage. My decades older psyche was overpowered and my ragingly hard cock spewed forth a prodigious amount of seed in every direction available. Covering sheets, Rene, and all over the well churned point of face to muff contact.

The younger minded me would have been mortified, but this seasoned mind in the exuberant frame just fell between the goalposts of sweet thighs and tender small tits planting fully snatch slathered face to her prim young red rosebud lips of blondy blonde delight. She demurred from my kiss at that time. Today I know women that would be reveling in a celebratory lapping of said bounty that had poured forth from their own private cornucopias. I wish I knew if Rene ever found that special kind of frisky later in her days.

The sudden slither to a lighter later time left me with handfuls of glorious breast, cupped from behind within a full body spoon, that could only be my present day Judy.  




High-Rise Notebook



The recall of former pasts only lasts a few minutes. When the slithers first started I would think they were dreams. Then I would notice things changed while I was away before I no longer noticed. That was when the notebooks began. I started leaving paper and pencil by the bed when I was having sex. It became clear I only slithered away momentarily after I came. But while away time ran for a longer duration, depending apparently on frequency and quality of sex. Away times could be very long indeed. But my returns to what was presently passing for now took turns of unsettling nature. That is until the rubber band of time caught up and the slithers became memories that had always been there. Time critical recollection was key.

I would return sometimes to Judy’s condo with her. Sometimes to my in-law apartment dormer with her. Sometimes in my high rise apartment with her. Worst in my furnished one room apartment, with her. Always with her. Always my notebook was still there. But not always from where I had left. Other than still being nestled inside Judy’s still wet and warm aura from our entwined burning lust.

She could never tell if I had slithered except for when I leapt for the notebook to frantically write before the rubber band of memory snapped into me making all thing just memory. At least until next I slither.

Judy once asked while peeking over my shoulder to see what I was writing, “Where did you go?”

“Why inside you my dear. I left numerous parts of myself swimming about happily.” I quipped.

“What a hopeless and pointless trip they are taking.”

“Well, it’s all about the journey. The destination is besides the point.” I said as she pulled me back into our bed, this time apparently my slither left me planted in my glass walled high rise 25th floor apartment in downtown Chicago. The memory of slithering away from my dormer apartment meant this slither had placed me in this string before it all was natural and right as it had always been.

“A joyous trip each and every time.” Said I.

Judy looked magnificent in the early morning light. The sun rising over Lake Michigan gave her light blonde hair a halo glow and gossamer shimmer. This timeline was one of affluence. Things had gone well financially. Judy was partially cover by expensive sleepwear finery. Her uncovered parts were glorious. I felt her breasts trace their way down my stomach riding gracefully on her erect nipples. Her mouth slowly taking me in with a brief tongue swirling  flourish.

Fortunately affluence still had not robbed me of Judy’s favorite morning ritual. Apparently a sort of way about her that allowed her to pleasure herself while pleasuring her man, and occasional woman, with a feverish grinding of her nether region on her object de felate’s leg while giving the most spectacular head I have ever received. Her blonde hair tickling my stomach as her mouth gave oral pleasure for the ages.

As Judy was a swift serial orgasmer demanding quick delivery I was often conflicted between coming too soon and coming too late. The ladies deliver option du jour was to release my cock from her manipulating maw and stroke me to testicle tearing climax all over her glorious tits.

“I like when you come back from a slither and are able to deliver such a load only minutes after your last offering.” She daintily licked my remaining offerings of her finely manicured nails.

By now memories of my travel were non existent.

As I had stated previously most often I would return to Judy.  

Until I didn’t.  

That fact made this last slither of mine rank utmost in importance and significance only surpassed by the fact it put my next in jeopardy as well as into question of ever occurring.




Author: Pete Symes

Purveyor of paralogical compliance to verbally mediated reality, artisanal smut, with a pinch of full time flâneur tossed in to taste.

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