Cum Me To The Quick

“Looks like a pumpkin patch of delight.”

What did he just say?

“Feels like banana heaven.”

If his nipple tweaking fingers hadn’t had me near orgasm while he slid his dick vigorously between my tits I would have laughed. Instead the moan that started in my cunt, bounced of my breasts, and emitted from my throat was the most genuine reaction his last bit of verbal buffoonery could command.

Enough bunny beastie bouncing…

Oh, there I am doing it through the cum fog. I am distracted. I am rolling in sweet O again from his fingers, his cock, and now his mouth on my tits.

But then.

I open my eyes and he is there. Clear blue eyes peering deep into the brown depths of mine.

I raise my legs in salute and wrap them around his trim waist. My heels leverage into the small of his back while the tip of his incredibly firm erection introduces itself to the seeping slit between my thighs. His crown parts those seepy lips of mine stretching them from wider to gaping.

We look into each others eyes.

I feel his shaft as it glides in behind those clutching walls of my pussy. I feel his naked chest press my now tantalized tits still humming from his touch, as his weight presses me to the floor, his cock gains full purchase, and his balls now rest lovingly against my taint.

We look into each others eyes.

Our bunny hop starts slowly and then builds.

I am not a moaner.

I moan.

I am not a clawer.

I claw

We look into each others eyes.

I will always answer his calls now.

Each time

Every time.

We look into each others eyes.

Each O more shattering shivering crescendo. Like a third to a fifth to an octave over.

Again and again and again I cum.

I don’t always come. But when I do….

Still no more than ten steps from my front door.


About Pete Symes

Purveyor of paralogical compliance to verbally mediated reality and artisanal smut and full time flâneur.

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