Finally Cynthia / Cindy Retreat

Cindy expertly coaxes my post-cumming balls from the tight formation they have formed around my shaft causing them to release and hang down while being luxuriously worked over by her tongue. Early into our time together Cindy had used her shaving skills acquired as a C.N.A. to tame the wildebeest that had overgrown my nethers.

As the years of neglect fell to the floor I remember Cindy saying under her breath that this was some skin she had exposed shaving that she was going to exploit to it’s fullest. Since the clearing of the unwieldy bush my privates have spent more time in women’s mouths than all the collected backseat blowjobs of my youth and way more often than my way too rare marital head.

As Cindy’s tongue wanders below I watch her glistening fingers pull out from between her damp thighs and I feel her hands take a firm grip on my buttocks and spread them as her tongue starts a retreat from my fully fluid and dangling ball sack towards my decade long abandoned butt hole. A warm moist sensation washes over me as the tip of her tongue forces its way up my ass and brings my prick to full firm erection. I take my prick in hand and pull it up and back to keep my balls out of Cindy’s way as she works her sweet spell on my ass. I think am gurgling in delight from the pleasure I am receiving as Cindy tenaciously tongues my rear.

I lovingly gaze down on her perfectly pert breasts topped with dappled dark pink nipples and rounded tummy which ended in that little tuft of landing strip hair between upraised knees. It was time for my tongue to come in for a landing.

I fell forward for a perfect bulls eyes and we gnawed each others nethers amidst gunting and muffled cries. We are rolling on our side, then me on top, other side, then Cindy below again as we strain necks and backs to gain further purchase of each others satisfaction. The bed is noisy from well worn hotel springs. Finally when my tongue found it’s way into Cindy’s ass her thighs quickly stiffened and quaked as the floodgates of her every cell let loose a deluge that nearly drowned me in her essence. My first new woman after more than a decade was what I would later learn to be commonly known as a squirter. Her shrieks of passion earned us a rapping on the the thin motel wall on this early morning sexual fracass.

Treating the wall knocking as applause we both took a final bow into sweet slumbers, napping between each others thighs while inhaling the scents of our respective releases.

About symes4u

I came from a good family. But over the years I developed a few ways about me that were not quite right so I am officially Not Safe For Work. What can I say.

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  1. Damn, Pete!!!! You make me want to abandon my subtle words for more ….. so much more. ;)

    • Never abandon your words. Your words are wonderful. These words are an attempt to capture the thoughts of a man going through a divorce. Learning about the woman he met in a bar during a hotel stay while the divorce proceedings drag out. They are my attempt to capture the combination platter of anger and glee in his new situation. With a bit of fun thrown in, because that is just the way I am.

  2. In this instance, I don’t mind being the 3rd wheel delight’ee. :) What a way to wake up!

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