Tami Notes

I marveled at the tiny tender furrow that seemed the perfect response to her long wavy chestnut hair that spilled from her head across the pristine white pillow upon which it reposed.

Tami Notes

Tami was so tiny. Yet perfectly proportional. Her shapely legs in tight blue jeans stretched straight to the sky. My long arms reached down with ease and undid her. Luckily her panties followed her jeans quietly over my head and once relieved of them I found my eyes feasting on the perfect white triangle where her tan stopped and paradise began.



Magical Author. Magical Woman.

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Magical Night

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The Book Awards Nomination

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Random Access Lynn : 2.Beer Rinse

Random Access Lynn: 2.Beer Rinse


Random Access Lynn: 1. Six Months Later



On the camping trip I listened to Skip talk about a few pumps into Dorrette’s ass and cumming quick because her ass was so tight. He then demurred because we all worked together.

To late.

I marveled at his inappropriate sharing moment.

I kept my smile to myself because of the night I spent with her. More than a few pumps were expending in said and other orifices on our evening. It ended in her butt, slowly and sweetly spreading her sweet tight cheeks with lots of lube and still the friction sent her into such a frenzy that when she could take no more she did the most wonderful ass to mouth maneuver causing me to cum all over her brown curly crown. The pointed tip of her tongue touched my shit covered cock as she begged like a cur in heat for me to fuck her mouth. She pulled my collapsing cock from limp oblivion and it again stiffly fucked her throat and pussy all while Lynn watched from the barren bedroom of her passed out boyfriend.

I have fucked colleagues many times in the past.

But I know enough to dummy up around peer camp fires.

The internet is another matter…

A Gingers Red Glare

Leona Lights Up The Sky… Two Hundred and One Years Later

Fond memories of the past posted last 4th. Researching a real Blond bombshell this year.



Easter Smut

Smitten by The Easter Bunny…

Finally Cynthia / Sindy Doughnuts.

The math check reassured me that this wasn’t a transgression of biblical proportions. Diane was clearly this young woman’s mother for sure. Why things seemed similar in Slammies men’s room all through our romp was clear as the rubber on my cock.  Being the dog that I am, rather than let this revelation make me feel guilty or awkward it only added to the sheer lust, enjoyment, and celebration of  Diane’s daughters delights.


Sindy’s fluttered eyelids and trembling taut thighs had me enraptured in their aura. I stayed kneeling between the splayed Sindy and breathed deep the scents and smells of our union. I watched as she ran her hands up from her hips, cross her flat young abdomen to reach the cherished prizes of firm young breasts which she pushed up while given each nipple a tweak releasing  yet another full body shiver. Her taut young muscles contracted and she did a sit up in front of me without having to remove her hands from her exquisitely squeezable nipples. She was surveying me and I found myself wondering what she saw in my weathered old countenance. Her face broke into what I can only describe as a full feature smile. Not just mouth, teeth, lips. But eyes, and brow. Her smile lit the dusky room with a light that launched a thousand trysts. Her hands slide down to her nether regions and shoulders moved smoothly as she used her hands below. I could not move my eyes from her  and studied the effect her hands ministrations were imbuing upon her. The face smile faded and slackened as her breathing quickened.

“I liked to fuck a lot in college. Didn’t want to risk getting pregnant. Now I really like to….well, I’d like to feel your cock in my ass.” She said that as demurely as such a request can be delivered while finger fucking herself in front of me.


Where was that logic when I was in college I wondered. I also wondered at the wisdom of that outlook, but when a flexible twenty something woman offers her asshole on a platter with the visual of her firm young body and her fingers working herself into a lather even an old dog like me knew better than to spend too much time a pondering.


 Sindy rolls to her back and pulls her ankles to her ears she giveing me full rear access with the bonus of face to face frictions and delicacies. Her special further forward feminine placement made this possible and opened up the speculation if that was a design feature her mother had sported. Since my times with mom were often in Slammies bathroom or cars while I was trixing out on my full time girlfriend of the day, I sadly did not know.


I don’t think mom kept a tube of lube under her pillow either, but Sindy did . She produced it with a “Ta Da,” and a “You do know what to do with this old timer. Because I am now quite aware that you know what to do with that.” She acknowledged my at attention cock bobbing in the breeze.


Condom still intact and coated with Sindy’s love canal elixirs I warmed a generous splurt of the lube between rubbing palms while leering down at Sindy’s tender offerings. Not wanting to waste the valuable slip slide stuff  I got straight to the bottom of the matter and gently circled my finger about the puckered target. As I gently introduced my fingertip to her ass I could tell that it would still be a tight delight no matter how used sweet Sindy said it was. I felt her involuntarily clenched and a hiss of air issue from both upper and lower lips on her face and frame. This of all things made her blush. But the release seemed to pull my finger against the natural one way egress of her ass and I was two knuckles in.


“Stop wasting my time with that puny finger, get that perpetually thick and hard man meat in there.”


So I positioned myself and again marveled at the ass access afforded by her nimble spine and slowly introduced the knob of my cock while spreading lube and cheer around head and shaft. The combination of her tight ass and my fingers working the lube was going to make this embarrassingly quick if I did not keep my kegels tight and my breathing in order. The knob was in and Sindy was moaning low.


I would withdraw an she would humm “Nooooooooooo.”


I would push in a bit further and she would issue an “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”


I did not jack hammer her young derriere but by the time my shaft was all in and with each repeated occurrence of the knob on my cock splitting  her sphincter wide she was calling out to Noah to save her from the impending flood. It was CUMMMING!


With a maneuver I had learned from the internet’s porn pots I pulled out of her ass, ripped off the ever faithful condom, and came with a fiery gush of thick syrupy semen that covered her sweat glistening breasts until they looked like a  pair of glazed donuts with neat brown nipples posing as the hole in these winsome pastries.


“I guess I made the doughnuts,” was the irrational thought that was going through my lizard brain amid fireworks and orgasms searing from my crown all the way down to my jerking shrinking sack



Finally Cynthia / Cindy Wants It Rough

We were under the sheets of the hotel bed. They were stiff but clean.

“Tell me how I am different than her.” Cindy said softly into the dark of the room. A semi’s airbrake reports from the nearby interstate.

“One thing that jumps out is how you will gently work my cock with your mouth. How you lick, kiss, and caress. If I do not spring an instant hard on you keep gently sucking, coaxing, until I become hard. Then you keep sucking and tugging sometimes until I come. Toni never did that after number two son.  But usually you mount me and reap the deserved benefits of the coaxed hard on. Even better. How you masturbate looking at me while I sleep, ignore me when I wake, and continue to finger yourself while I watch. Then lick your fingers clean and give me a kiss. How you never try to jack me off into your mouth like you are in a hurry to get me off. You are a purist. You are either giving me a blow job or a hand job. You seem to have a code about that. How you let me finger you as long as I want while you enjoy it without reaching out to pleasure me. I enjoy your face while you come. How the first time we screwed at your place you reached into your bedside drawer and pulled out your favorite toy and said, now use this. Toni never let me know she even had one and kept it well hidden. She thought.”

“Finally the silhouette of your face when you come. You have the profile and sexy overbite of Hedy Lamarr when you are gasping in orgasm.”


“You’re marriage wasn’t very sexual, was it.” Cindy said as an observation rather than a question.

Little did I know Cindy had an agenda for this information. Cindy wants it rough. She has hinted but I being unaccustomed to such requests have a feeling I have not met her desired level of forceful play. My first Cindy has been an eye opening experience. She is older than ex wifey. She is older than me. She is much wiser too. She is perfect for what I needed at this point. I might not be what she needed.


Now she has gathered enough material. She knows what wounds are open and raw. This morning as we wake after a night of passionate, but not up to Cindy fierce fight fucking she taunts me with information I have shared about my marriage. Nothing like spilling bile built up by one woman on another. Now Cindy will drive me to the big spew.


First on the menu, Toni’s acquired web internet habits.

“I can’t believe you had no idea of what was happening once she started spending all that time on the internet. I’ll bet she was sitting there in the family room with you and the kids while IM’ing with some pervert on the internet about putting on a one woman dildo show because her stupid husband didn’t even care enough to snoop through her drawers and find her toys.”


“There was no world wide web when we got married.” I said defensively.


Cindy was having none of that. She dove in full litany of tales of discovery I had once the wife informed me of her divorce plans


Secret toy usage, infidelity on our marriage bed while I did the daily round trip commute to the city and back so we could live near her family.


While I am watching television with the kids after a rare short day of 13 hours she is stuffing dildoes up her twat for fat fucks that are whacking off to her big tits while I’m footing the bill. She is not even charging these men because she is shopping for her next husband. One that knows she likes stuffing vibrating things up her cunt I guess.


“You clueless cum dispensing cock holder” Cindy adds as punctuation. “You beating off in the bathroom while she’s being beat off to by her internet penis gallery. Their watching her in the shower while you are away sixteen hours a day in the city.”


“Then a week after she tells you she want’s a divorce she is fucking one them in your bed.” Cindy smirks “Sounds like that evangelical big titted bimbo bitch of a wife didn’t have a come to Jesus moment. More like a lot of cum while screaming Jesus moments with anyone BUT you.”


Cindy laughed and cackled maliciously and I lost it. I was on her in a flash.


I never wanted to hit a woman so bad. I never have. So I took her ass in my hands and scrunched her body up. I look down on her. I have pushed her into a little ball, shoulders against the hotel bed board, chin forced to her sternum, legs bent back as far as they will go. Farther than they should bend back for a woman of her years. But she is looking up at me with large hazel eyes and is offering only minor resistance to the strain of her spread eagle legs beneath me.


Her litany of a dissolved marriage revelations made me seethe. Perhaps the first time I had felt rage since blind teenage hormones ruled my life. I had stuffed anger and fumed inside during divorce proceedings to ensure Toni’s only grounds were the vague and unspecified irreconcilable differences. Now Cindy will get both barrels. Well actually one. Rather than funnel that anger through two fists, I forced it down that one barrel with both balls loaded with venom.


“That is all in the past now,” I snarl. “Right now I am going to fuck you. I hope that Hoosier snatch of yours ready.”


“Snatch! Snat………….” Cindy begins to protest my use of the “S” word, but before the second snatch escapes her lips I plunge into her twat.  It is tight all the way to my balls and I wonder why it no longer gives the cavernous illusion it had during earlier romps. The mysteries of a womans vagina are above my pay grade so I just repeatedly pump my little meatball into a smaller and more cramped position against the hotel headboard until I feel her gusher of an orgasm cover me. Yes.Thank you Toni.


Sure it was Cindy’s fit little body I have curled up against the hotel bed board. Sure she has just come in a gusher that would do a Texas oilman proud. But she was still talking, cajoling , cursing, urging me to “punish that pussy, cudgel my cunt, spelunk this snatch, torcher my twat  More, tougher, harder. Is that all ya got… “ It didn’t matter that she made no sense half the time. Now when she would taunt me with ex wife detritus, I would have visions of Toni’s large doughy uncooked bread loaf sized tits with large pink areolas and slight nipples flopping on her arms, though I was seeing Cindy’s taut dimpled nippled handfuls of firmness bouncing below my thrusting, sweating, heaving body. I furiously pistoned head and shaft all the way to the balls past her flowing opening deep into her curled up and compacted cunt.


I was gasping for air from over exertion after years lacking sexual exercising. She was still spouting on and on strings of insensible guttural nastys becoming almost animal in nature with her cumming blare. Just as it was becoming clear that she was drying and friction might become an issue for us both in spite of the sweat pouring down my back, streaming down the crack of my ass, and raining on her curled and curved womans body. The sudden release of buckets of warm lumpy spunk pumped into her nearly sand coated cavern bringing much needed lube from my bursting balls to keep my inexplicably still erect cock sliding dutifully in and out of my balled up object of desire and derision.


Not since early married days had I maintained an almost Viagra like side effect without benefit of the chemical assist. Only the knowledge that I was indeed fucking a Cindy was necessary. This fantasy fulfilled was its own pussy filling prophecy.


Cindy’s face looked up at me from her pillow of sweat matted hair, her hazel eyes were blazing from post climax emotions and exhaustion and said. “What do you do for an encore?” With that a wistful smile crossed her lovely face and she turned her head sideways offering me a view of her regal profile with the overbite that so drives me wild.


While Cindy rested I pulled my still erect cock from her causing her to moan in disappointment until she felt me place the shaft on her belly and position my balls on her slobbering seeping slit. I began a slow rocking motion that cradled and carresed her fully distended clitorus in the very special place between my firm pole and hanging orbs. The rocking motion and clit stimulation set her slit to weeping it’s elixir anew.


This brought about her unreasonable demands for me to stuff my balls into her snatch. It was a good thing that the way she was pinioned against the headboard her hands could not make this request a reality because I fear my poor sack might not survive her lower jaws demands.


With her commands ignored she just went about the business of enjoying being ridden in this fashion. Her wails rising first a third, fifth, then to the seventh and finally to the octave until she shrieked out her final climax in this roadside hotel. While my cum was still squirting and covering her face and breasts the hotel phone rang urgently.


I rolled off the sweat and cum covered Hot L Cindy and picked up the receiver. I grunted understanding to the caller.


“Who was that?” Cindy mumbled, not really caring.


“Just the desk reminding us of when check out time is.”


I think my credit card is flagged at this hotel chain to this day.



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